Glen Llopis’ Rise to the Top as a Business Entrepreneur!

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Starting from September 15th and ending on October 15th, Eagles Talent has celebrated National Hispanic Heritage Month by sharing the stories of Hispanic speakers every week! This final Hispanic Heritage-themed blog post is dedicated to a true leader in the business world, Glen Llopis!

Glen Llopis childhood was anything but easy. He was born to Cuban immigrants who were victims of Castro’s revolution. Glen’s atypical upbringing is what motivated him to work hard for a rewarding future. After receiving a degree from UCLA, he soon became a recognized thought-leader. Glen began to develop and teach powerful skills that created sustainable business outcomes through his Immigrant Perspective Framework.

Furthermore, he founded the Center for Hispanic Leadership and is the Best-Selling Author of Earning Serendipity: 4 Skills for Creating and Sustaining Good Fortune in Your Work, The Six Reasons Why Hispanic Leadership Will Save America’s Corporations and Why Personal Employee Branding Will Save Your Career and Your Workplace.

At just thirty years old, he became the Vice President of the $1 billion company, Norway Seafood Co. Since then, Glen has continued to implement his executive experiences in his endeavors and has successfully launched several new business ventures. In addition to his achievements, he is now a lecturer at several universities as well as an active member of the Kellogg Innovation Network. Glen also serves on the advisory board of the Society and Business Lab at the University of Southern California and specializes in sales growth and new business development.

His pursuits have inspired him to share his story and techniques with organizations and businesses all over the globe. As a speaker, Glen offers a fresh approach with an intellectual message that teaches audiences how to manage, take initiative, and lead with kindness. If you’re an organization that wants to give your employees a new purpose, then Glen Llopis is the speaker you’ve been looking for!

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Posted by uberuser

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