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With Spring Break wrapping up for many schools, it’s only a matter of time before graduation season commences. Of course students nationwide already have their countdowns ready, marking each passing day between them and their diploma. At both a high school and collegiate level, graduation day remains one of those seminal moments in everybody’s lives that are forever etched in our mental scrapbook.

Along with the goofy gowns, goofier hats and glowing smiles on the faces of family and friends, the graduation speaker is often one of the most memorable parts of the ceremony. Choosing a speaker for a commencement address can be a difficult choice as you attempt to find one person who will be able to speak to the hopes and dreams of all graduates.

While celebrities and public figures can be an exciting (and pricey) choice, there are many other incredible speakers who can motivate, inspire and empower young people as they begin a new journey. Most importantly, a commencement address must be something that relates to students and gives them a tangible takeaway as they move forward in their respective careers.

Recognized as a premiere spokesperson of her generation, Alexandra Levit aims to help people find jobs and excel at them. For Levit, simply accepting a job is not enough if it does not allow you to succeed and fulfill personal goals.  After gaining credence as a Wall Street Journal columnist, Levit began to share her message of empowerment with students around the country.

Alexandra  Levit

When he’s not directly addressing new classes of Millenials, Seth Mattison is working with corporation to try and understand this new breed of workers. Mattison’s success comes through his ability to connect generations while driving innovation and creating engaging environments in a corporate setting.

Seth  Mattison

Bestselling author Jason Dorsey understands communication issues between generations because he’s a living example. His mom won’t stop bugging him, his sister won’t add him on Facebook and his grandparents call him every week. These forces all contribute to Dorsey’s convincing and relevant views on understanding Gen Y and bridging gaps in the workplace.

To learn more about these and other graduation speakers, visit our Motivational Speakers page. To book a speaker for your commencement event, visit our Contact Us page.


Posted by uberuser

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