Happy Birthday Alexis Washington, from All of Us at Eagles Talent!

Posted by Alexis Washington

January 27, 2016 is a very special day at Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau – it’s the birthday of our beloved marketing campaign manager, Alexis Washington!

10441400_10100751630249019_8148405448670001931_nFor the past four years, Alexis has lit up our company with her dedicated attitude, beautiful smile, and hilarious jokes. While we very much appreciate her every single day, we want to take the time out to say “Happy Birthday Alexis!”

While many of our clients know her as the face of LiveChat, Alexis also flexes her writing muscles by producing some of the best content on our site. In honor of her hard work and loving spirit, here is a countdown of Alexis’ favorite blog posts.

1. Join us in Celebrating National Pet Month with a Little Help from Our Friends

Those who know Alexis knows the pure love and adoration that she has for her two dogs, Luna and Ziggy. Capitalizing on this love, Alexis took the liberty of creating a blog post that incorporates the pets of members of our team. In this article, Alexis showcases our furry friends and the lovely employees they belong to.

2. Battle Breast Cancer by Turning Awareness into Action!

Breast Cancer is always unfortunate, but Alexis found a way to use her personal tragedy to bring awareness to the millions of people around the world effected by this horrible disease. This is her article in honor of breast cancer awareness.

3. What does Rare Disease Day Mean to You? It Means “Josephine” to Us!

Many things hit home here at Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau, including an extremely rare disease affecting our beloved Josephine Senek. Josephine is the 5-year-old daughter of our Sheldon Senek, she has a disease called Tetrasomy 8P Mosaicism. An extra chromosome 8 appears in some of her cells, causing various physiological and learning issues. She is one of 22 people in the world diagnosed with the disease. But to us, she isn’t defined by her disease. This article explains why.

4. Transform Your Business: Learn the Importance of Keeping up with Technology

Technology is rapidly transforming the way we conduct business. Today many companies are also being re-invented and improved. As a millennial, as well as the face behind LiveChat, Alexis understands first hand the benefits that new media can bring to organizations. She believes that “today technological advances are leading the business world. If you don’t follow where it is headed, you will be left behind.”

5. World Autism Awareness Day Hits Home

Our own Kristi Wilson has a son, Jake, who is Autistic. He was diagnosed at just 22 months with moderate classic Autism. Though he is considered “high functioning,” says Kristi, it has not been an easy road for him and her family. Alexis interviewed Kristi and used her story to bring to light what autism is, along with how it affects those surrounding them.

While birthdays only come around once a year, Alexis’ light shines bright every single day of the year. We are delighted to have her on our team and wish her many more wonderful years to come. Happy Birthday Alexis!

Posted by Alexis Washington
Alexis Washington writes about expert keynote speakers and Motivational Speakers, as well as tips and tricks for corporate meeting planners. If you need a guest professional speaker or corporate entertainer for your next convention or conference, you can visit

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