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The FISH! Philosophy

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Harry Paul- Business Speaker

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This presentation shows you how to build a culture where everyone has passion and understanding for what they are doing. Continuously building the skills necessary to get the job done and remain competitive. Effectively communicating roles and responsibilities without confusion. Having the flexibility to do things differently in the ever-changing competitive business environment we all dwell in and taking ownership for the productivity and profitability of the organization.

  • Understanding and using the four tenets of achieving excellence
  • Using the five pillars of excellence
  • ELEVATE your Excellence
  • The FISH! Philosophy shows you and your employees how to create a culture where people can’t wait to come to work and be their best–a culture with people looking to make a difference for their customers and each other. A culture that nurtures flawless execution of work, promotes teamwork, and is fulfilling and fun. The FISH! Philosophy is based on the bestselling book FISH! and the fishmongers at the World Famous Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, Washington. The fish market is some of the most successful retail space in America. Yet it is located right near three other fish markets that sell the same fish for the same price. The market doesn’t trade on product or price; they trade on creating unique customer experiences. The fishmongers at the market work in a culture where they bring passion, energy and enthusiasm to work everyday. Any organization can create this culture that will lead to and sustain success through hard-working, dedicated people by:

  • Understanding and using the organizations Mission, Vision and Values
  • Focusing on performance and values
  • Creating stories that reinforce your desired culture Using The FISH! Philosophy can make a huge difference in your organization’ s culture by:
  • Choose your Attitude – Decide to bring more enthusiasm to work everyday.
  • FISH!ing for Customer Service shows you and your employees how to create memorable customer experiences that cannot be duplicated by your competition. Why? These experiences are created and delivered by your people. FISH!ing for Customer Service is a philosophy taken from the World Famous Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, Washington. The fish market is some of the most profitable 1200 square feet of retail space in America. It’s located right near three other fish markets that sell the same kinds of fish for the same price. Yet the Pike Place Fish Market is world famous and very successful.

    Here are a few a the concepts attendees will takeaway from the presentation:

  • How to increase your commitment to each other, your work and the customer
  • Choosing flawless execution of the customer experience
  • The value of getting to know yourself and your co-workers better
  • Making “fun” part of the customer experience
  • Making decisions based on your organizations mission and vision
  • How to create added value experiences for the customer
  • Knowing the difference between physical and emotional customer experiences
  • How to create lasting impressions
  • This presentation shows you how to create a fully engaged workforce and build a world-class organization. When someone is engaged with their work, they are excited about coming to work and working hard. As a result, they give every bit of energy, creativity and passion toward performing their job. The level of employee engagement is extremely important because it’s the primary driver of a company’s financial performance. Companies with high levels of employee engagement are more profitable, their stock prices consistently outperform the market and they experience significant cost savings due to reduced employee turnover, absenteeism, theft and accidents. In addition, employees at companies with high levels of engagement provide superior customer service that results in loyal customers and all-important increases in market share. Here are a few of the concepts attendees will take away from the presentation:

  • Focus on People as well as the Performance Numbers
  • Motivate With Trust Instead of Fear
  • Turn Work Into Fun
  • FISH! for Leaders takes The FISH! Philosophy to the next level. In addition to Choose Your Attitude, Play, Be There and Make Their Day — your leaders will learn:

  • The importance of managing with trust, not fear
  • Recognizing and appreciating everyone for their hard work,
  • Understanding how important it is for management to get involved and be visible to their people

    With FISH! for Leaders you can attain and maintain success by:

  • Reducing turnover
  • Creating exceptional customer experiences
  • Increasing market share
  • Develop productive and happy people who are fully engaged and who know that they are making a difference

    Here are a few of the concepts attendees will take away from the presentation:

  • How to invest in your people
  • Practice the 4 B’s of managing with trust
  • Turn work into fun
  • Make decisions based on your mission statement
  • Everyone becomes a team player
  • Reviews

    “Everything went well. Harry delivered the messages we needed in an engaging manner.”

    — Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices & Diagnostics Group
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