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Motivates People & Organizations to Be Their Best

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Harvey Alston – Motivational Speaker

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Harvey’s powerful, soul-searching presentation uplifts people to a higher standard – to a level where people strive only for the BEST.

This program is a highly interactive firm and spirited search for solutions. To provide a variety of educational experiences through the delivery of subjects on the cutting edge of team leadership, and to impart practical skills that will enhance the quality of life by reshaping lost abilities, heighten expectations, rebuild hope, confidence, self-respect and desire.

This program will build your communication skills, enhancing skills for listening and identifying the obstacles to effective listening.

We will discuss ways to “Know Your Child’s Interests”, “Using TV Wisely”, “ABC’s of Parenting”, “Advice for Living with Pre-Teens”, “Parents Watch Your Language”, and “Discipline, a Preventive Force”.

In this exercise you will write your own “code of conduct.”

We first start by asking the following questions, discussing the responses and then sharing the answers with the group. How do you define integrity? What is honesty?

This session will focus on the ability to impact those around them using some of the skills they have learned today and their personal code of conduct.


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“Harvey’s presentation was AWESOME!!” Here are a few comments from our 8th grade students:Harvey was my favorite not just because he was funny, but he made me see the value in things and that you should always follow your dreams! Heart, Attitude, Pride, People, You. If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space. Life is short and we might as well live it positively and to the fullest we can. Happiness and laughter is what we should try to spread everyday. I will never forget the way he impacted me. He was so funny, but his message was also super important. He made everyone feel appreciated and like they were the best! You get what you work for. Tone and expressions do matter

— Coldwater Middle School

“Harvey was wonderful. The group really enjoyed him. This is the third time I have had the opportunity to hear him speak and have left all three times uplifted and ready to be more positive. I heard many positive comments about him throughout the day. Also, I have been impressed in working with your organization. Your group’s work on the front end allowed his appearance to be hassle free.”

— O.U.R. Educational Cooperative

“Harvey was a big hit and everyone seemed to enjoy his message very much. He brought much laughter and joy to our participants. He is a great presenter and we really enjoyed having him. Thank you for facilitating his appearance for us. We appreciate it!”

— ChildCareGroup

“Harvey was WELL received at the program yesterday. I have had many positive comments about his presentation! Thanks for helping out in bringing him to Sharon.”

— Sharon City School District

“Harvey was outstanding!! Everyone enjoyed his presentation!”

— Roane County Schools

“I have been in Education 29 years and have had the opportunity to be in many all school assemblies with motivational speakers. Harvey Alston is the best by far at keeping the attention of the student body and really connecting with them. The students and staff loved him.”

— Berea City Schools

“Harvey Alston is a wise and entertaining presenter with a vast array of knowledge and experience he shared with GREAT ENERGY and compassion. Several members of the group commented that Harvey Alston was the best speaker that we have had in decades.”

— Lockheed Martin Management Association

“I would say that Harvey is delightful to work with and delivers a message that can resonate with any audience! Outstanding speaker and motivator! He delivers very powerful, inspiring words and encourages each of us to strive to be the best we can possibly be!”

— Dublin Senior Community LSP LLC

“Book him!! Harvey took the time to get our team, identified where we needed help/inspiration, and then he nailed it. He is smart, witty, full of energy, and so entertaining. We hope to have him back again.”

— Farm Bureau Financial Services

“I’ve seen Harvey not just excite, but ignite educators who have long cashed it in. “

— New York High School Principal

“It’s difficult to express to you the impact you had on the staff and students. Your message
was inspirational, motivational and thought-provoking. “

— Dir. of Texas Career Centers

“Our staff and residents listened intently to what you had to say. We gained much from the time you spent with them individually as they have had so little contact with positive male role
models. “

— Oklahoma County Juvenile Center

“What a performance! I know you left on an emotional high based on the reactions after the  presentation. The parents who came up to talk to you were very impressed, and quite emotional as to their reactions. We are convinced you made adifference. “

— American Enterprise System, Florida

“I want to thank you for sharing over two hours of your life with us. I am looking through
Webster’s New World Dictionary for aword that would sum up your presentation -I can’t find
one, Fantastic, great, outstanding, and dynamic all put together wouldn’t be agood start. I
could tell in the eyes of my students and faculty you made adifference.  You administered
CPR on asleeping giant. I will be forever grateful”   “,

— Pennsylvania Superintendent of Schools

“You can’t imagine how much our group and the rest of the audience appreciated exposure to
such apositive male role model, with aloving authoritative voice, openly sharing you
knowledge experience, creativity and sense of humor.”

— Kansas Dept. of Health & Human Services

“Harvey has avery compassionate and warm love for his work of inspiring his audience.
From the beginning of his presentation you felt the genuineness of his love. He had our
audience laughing one minute and crying the next. “

— The Regional Medical Center

“I want to thank you for your spectacular presentation! Your program was very motivating for our entire staff.  I have received nothing but outstanding feedback.”

— Struthers City School District Superintendent

“You are truly the BEST!!!! As always, thank you so much for your kind words, support and friendship you have shown us over the years. We always enjoy telling our “Harvey Alston” stories to any who will listen. I also commend you for your many years of service to America’s youth and schools.  You are an excellent ambassador and leader in improving leadership skills for our students and teachers. “

— Miami County Educational Service Center

“Harvey was fabulous and very well received by our virtual audience.  He went over and beyond with props, engagement, and relevance. We are deeply appreciative that he was still available with this format change.”

— West Virginia Assoc. of School Administrators
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