6 Healthy Living Tips from Life Balance Expert, Loretta LaRoche

Posted by Sheldon Senek

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If you think the idea of balancing your life is just a bunch of hoopla, Loretta LaRoche will tell you you’re sadly mistaken.  Having started from the bottom, divorced and supporting three children on welfare, LaRoche quickly learned about the reality and importance of life balance.  She learned that being assertive, resourceful, mindful and full of humor was necessary in order to rise from the depths of stress, anxiety and despair.

Since ascending from that low point – or, as the optimistic LaRoche might say, that point of incredible opportunity – she has become one of the most acclaimed life balance and stress management coaches in the nation.

Currently, she is on the advisory council for anxiety and depression at Massachusettes General Hospital and frequently appears on mass media channels like CNN, ABC and NBC.  She’s even been nominated for prime time Emmy Awards! – something no other person in her field can claim.  When she’s not on TV or reading a book, Loretta Laroche can be found giving presentations among some of the best motivational speakers alive.

As a renowned humorist, optimist, opportunist and life coach, people listen to LaRoche when she speaks, especially when she’s feeling charitable enough to give stressed-out people some health living tips.  Whether you’re feeling completely stressed out, somewhat stressed, a little stressed, or not stressed at all, here are six healthy living tips from Loretta LaRoche that you can use now or put in your pocket for the future (taken from LaRoche’s “Get a Life” blog).

1.) Become a contrarian.  What Loretta means is: don’t feel the need to follow the crowd.  For instance, just because your co-workers are checking their smartphones every minute doesn’t mean you have to.  Also, don’t feel the need to do something like a hardcore spin class if you don’t want to.  “Choose to take an hour to read, get a massage, or have lunch with a friend,” says LaRoche.

2.) Understand you don’t have to know everything.  The Internet can be overwhelming.  There’s so much accessible information available today that it makes us believe we have to know it all.  But we don’t!  “Just because the technology exists for you to know why your next door neighbor has a migraine, doesn’t mean you have to spend an hour on Google researching it,” says LaRoche.

3.) Take a rest.  Take a rest from “the screen” and simply enjoy time alone or the good, honest company of people you respect and love.  “Your mind, body and spirit need a respite from the never-ending pings and rings. You can sit in traffic, or wait in line, without informing someone that that’s what you’re doing.”

4.) Volunteer.  To relax, sometimes you have to get out of your own head.  And when you’re feeling unfortunate, sometimes you have to see life through the eyes of others to realize how much you have.  “Volunteering is directly related to the old saying ‘I cried because I had no shoes until I saw the man with no feet?'”

5.) Get professional help if you need it.  Sometimes, professionals have the experience our friends and families lack.  They’ve helped many people with situations similar to yours and have the experience to get you out of ruts.  If you’re feeling prideful and afraid, it’s best to get over yourself and get help.  “Sometimes we simply need to reach out to a professional who can help us regain perspective. Going over and over the same stuff with people you know, only gives you the same outcomes.”

6.) Think with your heart.  During the workday especially, we get so involved with our projects that we forget about those around us.  By being conscious of those around you, you’ll contribute to a friendlier and more collaborative community, and these are the communities that are extremely successful.  “Many of us stay in our heads all day long. Remember we are also heart and soul. Take time to open your heart so that you can give and receive generosity from those around you.”

To learn more about this positive and insightful woman, visit Loretta LaRoche’s speaker page.

Posted by Sheldon Senek
Sheldon Senek is the President of Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau and writes about expert keynote speakers and Motivational Speakers, as well as tips for corporate meeting planners.

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