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Advocacy and Credibility Consultant, Author, Keynote Speaker, & Host of The Elegant Warrior Podcast

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An advocate is one who is called to another’s aid. Today more than ever women are called to be advocates—for their families, for their ideas, for their businesses, and most of all for themselves. You can learn how to apply the tools of a trial lawyer and become your own best advocate.

As real estate professionals, you advocate for your clients, your agency, your ideas and yourself. An extraordinary advocate turns their clients into advocates as well. That’s the key to a thriving referral business.

An advocate is one who is called to another’s aid. The best leaders need to learn to advocate for their teams, their businesses and their ideas with ease. Leaders can learn how to apply the tools of a trial lawyer and find ways to advocate to a win that works for everyone.

You know how to advocate for your clients. But can you take those same skills and advocate for your family, your business, your ideas and yourself? When you take the tools you’ve used in the courtroom and extend them to life and work outside the courtroom, you will transform the way you communicate.

Facts tell. Stories sell. But advocacy wins. Every time you tell the story of your brand/product, there is a competitor telling a different story. The customer chooses the story that wins. And you can use the tools of a trial lawyer to advocate for your story in a way that will lead to victory.

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