James Gilmore

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Mass Customization & Experience Economy Expert

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Jim Gilmore – Business Speaker

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Welcome to the Experience Economy, where businesses must form unique connections in order to secure customer affections—and ensure economic vitality. In this thought-provoking speech, Jim Gilmore takes this enduring idea and enriches its application to the demands of today’s increasingly time-starved world. With both new models, refreshed examples, and an insightfully different perspective for our digital age, this presentation offers a practical approach for helping companies engage customers in personal and memorable ways.

In a world filled with ever more mediated and staged experiences ― an increasingly unreal world ― consumers are now making decisions based on how real they perceive various offerings to be. As a result, enterprises must become adept at rendering authenticity. Finding ways to tap into this emerging sensibility will become essential for success in the years and decades to come. To be blunt: you must get real and not just claim you’re real.

In this session, Gilmore will walk through ten start-up businesses that have approached him in recent years in search of advice and/or capital. Gilmore has secured permission from each new venture to share their basic business concept. The audience will then vote on which they think is most viable. In a shockingly unexpected finale to the talk, Gilmore will share his perspective on the role Reality TV played in conceptualizing each new enterprise!

James will share his perspective on the design appeal of the (experience) enterprises that have won Pine & Gilmore’s Experience Stager of the Year (EXPY) award, but then present examples of the physical things (goods) and intangible activities (services) that he most admires for their design distinctions – and the principles he detects that create their appeal.

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