Jamie Mustard

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Author, The ICONIST: The Art and Science of Standing Out

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Creating an Icon Reel

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As technology has made the human experience easier, it has also created an explosion of content and choice, products and services, all ‘diluting’ us as individuals. We are competing with a constantly increasing level of noise for the limited attention spans of those we are trying to reach.

We as industries and individuals will continue to compete with all of this content, whether we like it or not.

Icons, or BLOCKS™, are the reason all messages, ideas, businesses, art, music, design, ads or any communication, even advertising STAND OUT and take hold in the mind. BLOCKS™are based on primal laws of human perception that capture attention – no matter the form, in any field.

Whether you are an executive, painter, advertiser, graphic designer, musician, salesperson, or just someone passionate about an idea, BLOCKS™ will make your ideas take precedence over the competing environment and get the attention necessary to succeed.

Jamie Mustard is a dynamic storyteller and fascinating thought-leader who uses the perfect mix of research and case studies to not only introduce what Blocks are and how they work, but to provide the tools and inspiration to make them work immediately in your life and inside your organizations.

DRAG is the deep, often hidden, chasm between understanding yourself–your true value–as a brand, an art, a product, message, innovation or endeavor–and what your audience truly cares about.

In order for us to communicate who we are and engage anyone effectively, we need to know our own immediately understood Block or Icon’ed self… or we experience drag.

If you don’t understand what about your offering your target market most cares about-–and haven’t created a ROAD SIGN to communicate it–-you are not only experiencing financial loss, loss of market share and inefficiency, but you are experiencing the frustration, that deep nag, that you could be doing more.

No matter how successful you are, if you know in your gut  “If the world only knew” you would be even more sought after, then DRAG is weighing down and holding back not just you but your entire company and its prosperity.

The author of the award-winning bestseller The Iconist: The Art and Science of Standing Out shares simple, timeless strategies on what it takes to become the number one buying choice for customers. In a bold and vibrant message, Jamie Mustard tells audiences how to cut through the growing digital noise and social complexities to achieve something simple: to capture the undivided attention of customers, become memorable and trusted, to the point of always being the first person they call or the first thing they pick up off of the shelf.

His lessons, backed by 15 years of research, are relevant for any person, any industry, and any situation where you need to breakthrough to a customer and capture their business. The message is also key to leader, innovator, artist, or thought-leader who needs to be heard and resonate to be effective.  This is a life-changing presentation for almost any audience.


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