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An unfortunate trend that is growing everyday is the gap that exists between the way business was once done and how today’s professionals perceive it should be done. There are two extremes that exist between the more experienced sales person that believes everything can be accomplished with little help from the fad known as technology, and the younger agent that believes technology is the answer to everything. In Bridging the Gap: Combining Yesterday’s Practices with Today’s Trends to Win in THIS Market Jared James breaks down the balance that must take place in order for a synergy of the two ways of thinking to occur. He uses a mixture of humor and real life experiences to prove that to win in this market there is a combination of technology that is needed to operate more efficiently, but only to free you up to do the things that have made sales people successful for the past 30 years. This topic is great for attendees of all ages as it will challenge and inspire the more experienced professional to realize that they don’t need to be a tech guru to operate in the modern age. At the same time Jared has a way of reaching out to and relating with the younger professionals in attendance to consider the possibility that technology is not a relationship manager. Ultimately it is their job to cultivate the relationships that will drive their businesses for years to come.

One of the most common questions that Jared gets is “How do I get clients” or “Where will they come from?” This is an insecurity that most, if not all, sales people feel or have felt at one time or another. In NO LIMITS: 7 Ways to Grow Your Business NOW! Jared James details how to step outside of the limits that hold most professionals in their little box and limit their ability to grow while detailing the exact steps to take, strategies to implement, and principles to follow to find and create clients to add to their businesses, and ultimately, their bottom line. Your group or your company will benefit because they will not only get more motivated, higher producing and confident sales people and employees, but they will also have fun in the proces.

We have all been to an event and felt inspired or motivated, only to come back the next year with the same notebook and realize that we didn’t follow through with a whole lot of what we learned at last years conference. Just about everyone can also relate with setting a goal we don’t reach or going on a diet and sooner or later falling off the wagon and eating things we aren’t supposed to. So why does this happen? Do we set out with the intention of disappointing ourselves? Of course we don’t!

Many times there is a disconnect that exists between our original intentions and our actual behavior which produces unintended results; but it doesn’t have to be that way. Make sure to come out and listen in as, in-demand speaker and author, Jared James, breaks down how to win the battle that occurs between our mind and body every day and finally attain the results you have desired.

While most people create a narrative or story that blames so many others for why they aren’t exactly where they want to be, Jared believes that the majority of most people’s issues and stumbling blocks are created and reinforced by the same person that can be confronted by simply looking in the mirror and saying, “IT’S ME.”

Jared James believes that when people have a better understanding of themselves, their behavior and how to manage themselves according to the way that their body was created to function, they have a much better shot at getting what they really want. In this informative presentation, Get out of YOUR way!, Jared breaks down the other side of business, the business of YOU. He shares concepts, psychological truths and actionable steps designed to help attendees gain the ultimate advantage in life and business by learning how to finally leverage themselves as their greatest asset and no longer their own worst enemy. The audience will laugh and leave motivated, ready to create their personal “business” plan for getting ahead.


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