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Jason Michaels Magic Highlights
#Dotheimpossible Jason Michaels Resilience Highlights
Jason Michaels Live B-i-g Speaking Highlights

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The people in your audience deal with “impossible challenges” and overwhelming odds every day. No one knows this better than Jason Michaels.

Jason’s #DOTHEIMPOSSIBLE program will Inspire, Challenge, and Motivate your audience to identify and redefine the “impossible challenges” they are dealing with in business and in life.

Jason uses his true story of overcoming Tourette Syndrome – a misunderstood, debilitating neurological disorder – to connect with your people and share how he defied all the naysayers who said it would be impossible to live his dream of becoming a professional entertainer.

When Jason teaches his LIVE B.I.G. system he will give your team the life-changing tools and techniques that will empower them to break through their “impossible challenges” and accomplish their loftiest goals.

By combining his personal story, award-winning entertainment, and his LIVE B.I.G. system, Jason will inspire and motivate your people to live their biggest, boldest lives!

How to stay motivated in the face of impossible challenges.
The message we send ourselves when we tackle adversity head on.
Belief and how we are limited by it.
Two techniques that supercharge the power of imagination.
Why bold action is the only action to take.

Are you properly prepared to overcome rejection, deal with the mental health challenges of a global pandemic, or navigate a health crisis with a healthy mindset? In fact, if your life took a sudden turn today, how would you respond?

In today’s volatile world, the most important skill we can develop is that of RESILIENCE. Being able to easily bounce back from the unexpected challenges of life gives you a pivotal life skill. Being resilient also gives you an advantage in business, athletics, education, and numerous other competitive arenas that will serve you well your entire life.

Jason Michaels grew up with the debilitating and often misunderstood neurological disorder Tourette Syndrome. By developing and adapting the most effective resilience techniques, he navigated a difficult life and became a model of high performance – travelling around the world entertaining audiences and winning international magic awards.

Although the naysayers claimed it would be impossible for him to become a professional entertainer, today Jason is an accomplished professional magician who has performed for hundreds of thousands of people in thirty different countries.

While Jason still lives with the uncontrollable tics, twitches, and vocalizations of Tourette’s, this is NO tragic story. By using his skills as a magician and comedian, Jason delivers a powerful program on RESILIENCE which teaches his five most effective resilience techniques, all while engaging his audience with his inspiring one-of-a-kind story, his eye-opening insights, and amazing demonstrations that illustrate and teach his life-changing resilience strategies.

Immediately upon learning Jason’s resilience strategies, your people will be empowered to better overcome the challenges of life and thrive during these uncertain times.

  1. Ownership. Take the first steps past denial and towards empowerment by identifying and “owning” the challenges that feel overwhelming.

  2. Communication. Feeling embarrassed by your challenges? That was a decades long mental block for Jason. Learn how communication can “normalize” what you are dealing with.

  3. Compassion. Treating yourself with compassion is one of the foundational building blocks in the development of resilience.

  4. Perspective. Lack of perspective is the number one thing most people get wrong. Bring your obstacles into proper perspective and the rest of your life starts coming into focus, too.

  5. Gratitude. Being thankful is an everyday choice. Choosing to focus on healthy thoughts crowds out unhealthy thoughts.


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“The CardShark is a Fantastic Show with Something for Everyone.”

— Bottom Line Solutions

“A Must. See. Show!”

— John Pyka Productions

“The CardShark teaches us about our humanity – in a most entertaining way”

— Barry Friedman

“Jason Michaels punched me in the face. No, not literally, but damn near close. I have seen him perform his magic to large crowds and one on one, but I was not ready for his motivational talk on how to Live Big! I was instantaneously encouraged, energized and motivated to not let anything stand in my way. We are always told to pursue our passions, but we are not encouraged enough to push through any/all obstacles. If you want your team to take over the world, Jason Michaels will help get them there!”

— Cumberland Hospitality Group

“5 stars out of 5. Jason’s message is told in the most perfect entertaining, engaging manner. It is very motivating to all in attendance. We highly recommend Jason Michaels as a performer or motivational speaker for any event.”

— Ronald Whitmore
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