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Founder and President of CustomerBliss, and the Co-Founder of The Customer Experience Professionals Association

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Creating Customer Experience without HUMANITY is just a bunch of business tactics. This keynote is a fast-track lift-off for your customer experience efforts, that will inspire your audience to include the often-overlooked critical element of transformation: understanding the human at the end of your decisions.  Creating caring Customer Experiences should not be as difficult as some make it. Just ask yourself, “Would I do that to my mother?” That question inspired Jeanne to write her latest strategy-rich book, Would You Do that To Your Mother? as a common-sense guide on making business personal and winning customer loyalty.  The most admired companies who earn ardent supporters and organic growth angst over who these people are, how they live their lives, and understand their goals.  They build respect, honor, and trust into their operating model and with their people. And they are celebrated for how they show up as people, and for the care, the thoughtfulness and the humanity that they have woven into their operating model. This is a fast-paced and uplifting ride of the reality of the lives of our customers, blended with turning on “aha!” moments to give your employees the tools and motivation to make business personal, inspire your customers’ loyalty, and make mom proud!

–       Jeanne will customize this speech by working with you to select the case studies in each of the four areas that define the lives of YOUR customers.
–       This customized approach will give your audience a path for actions they can take immediately, often with very little investment, rather than a seismic shift in attitude, and will inspire them to act.

Jeanne learned about humanity in business by watching her Dad in his Buster Brown shoe store in Des Plaines, Illinois.  He shoe’d a generation of children, and their children’s children, and the memory of his care, not only for the tiny little feet, but for moms and legions of families he cared for over the years, earned him a place in the story of their lives.  So much so, that when he retired, a line of people THREE-BLOCKS LONG stood to tell him how buying shoes would never be the same.  The foundation of Experience is MEMORY creation.  The admired companies start here. They focus on how their people, actions and overall behavior of their company establishes how they’ll be remembered. Knowing how you want people to remember you, building how you will deliver those memories, and then living those characteristics and behaviors yields what Jeanne Bliss describes as prosperity of the human spirit and financial prosperity.

–       Learn the art and science of delivering memories that will make people stand in line for your experience, your product and your people.
–       Understand the value of memory creation as the currency of your brand.
–       Inspire your people to be MEMORY MAKERS, who deliver moments that pull people toward you and your organization.

Just HOW do you go about earning customer-driven growth? What’s different about leadership, motivation, communication and accountability in a transformed customer company….and how did they get there?  This keynote will answer those questions and demystify that path for you.  It is based on Jeanne’s 25 years as a Chief Customer Officer, her experiences coaching over 20,000 executives the content in her seminal book, Chief Customer 2.0 and her Podcast interviews with over 200 Global Chief Customer Officers.
In the words of Senior VP & Chief Customer Officer at Oracle, Jeb Dasteel, “If Jeanne Bliss hadn’t written her first book, I wouldn’t be in the role I have today… She continues to provide leading guidance for Chief Customer Officers.”

–       Jeanne outlines her 5-steps necessary to successfully lead a customer experience transformation.
–       She will guide you on how to embed these competencies into your organization to get into action quickly with a united leadership team.

Experience in its purest form…is Leadership BRAVERY.  It is Leadership Bravery in making choices that enable your people to rise. It is clearly knowing and living conscience-led decisions about what you will and will not do, to grow. It is leaders who model behaviors honoring customers and employees – that everyone can model across your entire organization. And it is honoring customers’ lives in how you conduct yourself in business and for the kind of people you are. This yields what Jeanne Bliss calls “Admirable Growth.”  This growth fuses people to you. It raises your employees and it elevates your company in the marketplace.  It establishes the legacy for how you’ll be remembered.

–       Learn the 5 key acts of LEADERSHIP BRAVERY that drive this powerful type of growth few companies achieve.
–       Travel with Jeanne as she guides your audience on a tour of the behaviors and actions of leaders who raise the spirits of their people and elevate them to do more and achieve more than their competitors.
–       Create a roadmap for your path to this type of admirable and prosperous growth and legacy.

Audiences love nothing more than authentic, transparent, real-time talk about the issues that are shaping their work and their lives. Since 2002, Jeanne has guided over 20,000 strategic conversations with leaders in almost every business vertical to better understand their customers’ experiences, and the value of knowing that improving lives should be at the core of every company’s mission. Bring your audience into this idea-rich conversation between Jeanne and one of your leaders, to explore the opportunities that each person in your organization has to improve the lives of your customers, and ultimately inspire customers to become the army that makes your organization known and beloved in the marketplace. If you are already doing a keynote with Jeanne, it’s her pleasure to add this in as her gift, time-permitting.

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“Jeanne Bliss does a great job of providing advice for every company who is either setting out on or advancing their experience journey.  Her Would You Do That To Your Mother book, and analogy, connected customer experience on the most basic and impactful human level for our audience – inspiring them to understand its impact, internalize it for their role, and prepare them to take action.”

— DHL Supply Chain

“No one knows more about the Customer Experience Leadership Role than Jeanne Bliss.”

— Northern Trust

“Jeanne Bliss is a gift to Chief Customer Officers. She brings a practical understanding to the aspiration of leading an organization toward customer-centricity.”

— Eli Lilly and Company

“Jeanne Bliss’ five competencies aligned our leadership team and gave us a roadmap for improving our customer experiences.”

— Pella Windows Corporation

“From the moment Jeanne begins to speak, you feel a rush of energy and the passion of thirty years of intense customer focus packed into her five-foot frame.”

— Century Furniture Corporation

“As we began our focus on customer experience, Jeanne Bliss served as our navigator and coach. Her take and real-life examples provided us with a highly meaningful and actionable path.”

— Bombardier Recreational Products

“If you are looking to light up a couple thousand people with the value of doing what is right for your customers, look no further. Jeanne Bliss has that rarest of talents—being an operationally driven visionary. She’s a bottle-rocket wrapped inside a book of customer wisdom.”

— Punch Tab

“From the moment Jeanne begins to speak, you feel a rush of energy and the passion of thirty years of intense customer focus packed into her five-foot frame.”

— Health & Wellness Century Furniture Corporation
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