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Juggling Life: Redefining What’s Possible
Why Jen?

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It is critical for leaders and business owners to establish a system of best practices. Systems transform organizations. Actions taken or objectives given without direction, coaching, or proper practice will negatively impact organizational growth and results. Leaders must identify priorities and establish sustainability through consistent practice.

  • Learn to step back and assess current practices, determining true cause & effect. “Am I making assumptions about something I know or that my staff knows what to do? How can I break this process down?”
  • Create a collaborative environment build on trust. Learn to delegate and consult with a mentor or advisor to identify priorities and assess system effectiveness.
  • Take ownership of the outcome, maintaining focus and commitment to vision.
  • How to establish best practices and learn from mistakes, creating consistent habits that over time will lead to performance and results.
  • In this session, attendees are entertained and inspired by juggling as a metaphor for balancing work and life priorities and collaboration. Interactive modules enable participants to physically experience the focus and flexibility necessary to achieve and maintain balance. Audience members learn:

    • Skills to create a dynamic balance and strengthen connections between the “balls” of life
    • Organizational skills and tips for prioritizing How to transform challenges into opportunities
    • Benefits of flexibility, patience, and consistent practice
    • How to discover and develop your passion and purpose

    Strategies for building a fulfilling and whole life as we strive for balance.

    As professional women, we are constantly juggling, and every now and then we drop a ball. How can we work towards creating a dynamic balance and build a strong support system? Attendees learn:

    • Strategies for more effectively balancing work and life
    • The importance of prioritization, time management and developing a process
    • To make time to recharge, de-stress, and tap into passion and creativity
    • To let go of perfectionism
    • How to ask for help and build an effective support system
    • That mistakes and obstacles can be opportunities for change and growth

    A team can be a powerful strategy for achieving a goal. Learn how to work together more effectively.

    Building a strong, cohesive team, as well as mutually beneficial client relationships and business partnerships can be powerful tools for productivity, goal achievement, and creative problem solving and critical for any strategic planning process. In this interactive session, participants learn to:

    • Utilize the strengths and learning styles of each unique member to craft mutually beneficial collaborations
    • Create a plan of action for goal achievement
    • Break down a problem into smaller, achievable steps
    • Connect and communicate while challenging and supporting team members
    • Build trust and confidence

    Growth and change are a vital part of any strategic plan to stay at the forefront of innovation. Let’s not just manage it, but CREATE it.

    Participants learn:

    • How the process of learning to juggle can help us reprogram and question WHY we do something a certain way
    • To set big personal and team goals
    • Principles of creative thinking and problem solving
    • How to create change and manage resistance to change by taking action
    • The importance of building a unified team with confidence, a clearly defined goal, and effective communication strategies
    • How to distinguish your business from your competitors and wow clients with customized attention
    • How to think “outside the box” to generate innovative solutions

    Today’s young people face often overwhelming challenges and decisions as they strive to discover their passion and purpose and proceed in a direction with confidence. How does one craft a meaningful life? Dream Big. Persevere. Create Something. Do Good. Serve others.

    Jen shares her story and encourages and inspires young audiences to:

    • Follow your dreams and create the life you imagine.
    • View life as a juggling act, and know that figuring out how the pieces fit together is a challenge.
    • Be patient with yourself. It takes time to find your own pattern and pathway.
    • Learn from the “drops”, pick up the balls, and continue on your journey.
    • Figure out what you’re passionate about, work hard, and take pride in your accomplishments.
    • Be the biggest, most amazing version of yourself.
    • Support and encourage your classmates and friends. Make a difference in the lives of others by starting with those closest to you.

    Life is a juggling act – we must become master jugglers. Jen shares her story and offers fun tips for mastering the juggling act of life!

    • See how you can become a better juggler in your life and work
    • Learn how to maintain a dynamic balance and strengthen the connections between the “balls” you juggle
    • Hear how to transform challenges into opportunities
    • Discover your passion
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