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Keynote On Resilience, Stress And Confidence
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Stress is not a psychology problem, it’s a chemistry problem. In order to maximize our intellect and potential, we first have to optimize our chemistry, and then we can optimize our psychology. And we don’t have to be ace chemists to do it! This paradigm-shifting session unveils that it’s not about “managing” or “reducing stress” (which isn’t possible) rather how to be more resilient to the stress we all face. And we can easily do it with Jenny’s Micro Strategies, 60 seconds at a time

Resiliency Rx is a highly engaging and interactive program that helps your leaders, managers and teams

  • increase their awareness of how stress is affecting their physical, mental and emotional resilience, using real-time data
  • understand and approach stress from an entirely different context
  • utilize a broad set of highly effective Micro Strategies – each one grounded in the sciences of exercise physiology and psychology
  • design and execute customized action plans for immediately improving their resiliency

As a leading resilience expert, Jenny works closely with every client to design a customized program that targets and solves the needs of their people.

After this keynote, you and your team will…

  • Understand the physiology of the stress response and how it affects brain function, structure and chemistry.  
  • Learn how to utilize advanced, intellectual portions of the brain during stress instead of the more primitive, reactive ones. 
  • Improve your mental capital and cognitive performance: decision-making skills, focus, memory, attention and conflict resolution.
  • Enhance your ability to access positive emotional states while decreasing anxiety, negativity and reactivity.
  • Begin to deploy the 60-second Micro Strategies for resiliency, performance and health.
  • Actively tap into your internal pharmacy for neutralizing stress when you need a dose of natural calm and confidence.

  • Connect the power of purpose with chemistry, resiliency and engagement, so that productivity and balance hit new heights.
  • Clearly define what professional and personal success means to you.
  • Answer the ONE question that guarantees clarity, direction, commitment, prioritization and accountability both inside and outside of work.
  • Use neuroscience to hack your way to easy, positive, lasting once-and-for-all change.  
  • Leave with a customized action plan you KNOW you can implement no matter how busy.
  • Increase your threshold for stress.
  • Train your body and brain to recover from stress more quickly and efficiently.

Employee stress and burnout are two of the top issues organizations are facing today. 

These are why good people quit, insurance rates are skyrocketing, and cultures turn toxic… employees are Over It. 

So, let’s help your leaders and teams feel On It!

In this keynote, stress speaker Jenny Evans will help you learn how to energize and optimize the chemistry and biology of your body and brain for sustained high performance,  regardless of the stresses you’re facing.

This is definitely not your average “let’s talk about self-care” keynote… 

Recent events have caused your leaders and employees to question their lives and careers. You’ve lost many valuable people and the ones who haven’t left are not as engaged as they used to be. They’re contemplating what they want – and need – from their work and are ready to consider other opportunities.

We process our external world using our inner compass and inner dialogue.
Unfortunately, many of us don’t have as much clarity on our inner compass as we think, and we lack awareness of how much our inner dialogues are sabotaging our success. As a result, we’re overwhelmed when faced with change, are less resilient to stress, lose confidence and direction, and are less engaged.

Research shows that people who are purposeful in their jobs perform better, are more likely to avoid burnout, and are more committed.

And using inner dialogue to create purposeful stories drives engagement, passion, and success.

Not only will your people experience the game-changing discovery of their current purpose, but the rich group dialogue that takes place will also form a deep sense of connection, understanding, and unity.

The global pandemic has hit women particularly hard. 

42% of professional women report they’re burned out.

1 in 3  say they’ve considered downshifting their careers or leaving the workforce completely.

They’re overworked, overwhelmed, overstressed and feeling OVER IT. 

Research proves that companies with more female executives are more likely to outperform companies that don’t. You must support, retain and attract talented women in order to develop a culture that enables men and women alike to achieve their potential, employing the power of a diverse, collective genius. 

When the stress in our lives increases, so does the demand for energy in order to deal with those stresses. And the last few years have been stressful for everyone. Leaders, managers and employees have been working harder than ever before and are stretched thin, burned out and exhausted.

The cumulative data of our Resiliency Assessment shows that people struggle with PHYSICAL RESILIENCE the most.

Physical energy is the foundation of everything. Without energy, nothing happens. And the energy required for your people to succeed and thrive is off the charts.

ENERGY FOR RESILIENCE will help your people increase, fortify, and recover their physical energy & resilience.

In this immersive keynote filled with stunning visuals, I teach 6 powerful strategies I learned working with expert elephant trackers in Namibia that will forever change the way you approach your journey of meaning & fulfillment.


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“Jenny was AMAZING. Seriously, I’m a tough grader and Jenny couldn’t have been better. I now have a new bar for what “no dip in energy” looks like over the course of a 5-hour session! So impressed. I can’t tell you how many people approached me after the session inspired by what they heard and saw. Thanks so much!”

— General Manager, Microsoft

“Jenny Evans spoke at our conference and was so impactful and powerful to a large group of high-energy, over-achieving sales executives. It was a tremendous investment in our team by someone they could relate to. Jenny has a special way (I am quite sure because she prepares well) to relate and connect to her audience. That makes the message resonate more! She is inspiring and exciting to be with. She was also very engaging in a follow-up conference call to the team initiated by Jenny to see of the commitment to better choices was sticking. I endorse her 1,000%.”

— Regional Vice President, Estée Lauder, Inc.

“Jenny was a fantastic speaker that not only has energy, emotion and tons of knowledge behind the topics she covers, but she really makes you think about your health, lifestyle and everyday routine that can be so easily influenced positively or negatively. In a world of change, enhanced technology and never-ending demands and challenges of everyday life, she has a great way of breaking down why you make the choices you do and how to fight your inner Sneaky Pete. Everyone really enjoyed Jenny, including myself, and I have made several changes to my everyday decisions based on hearing her speak!”

— Account Manager, Nestle Purina Petcare Company

“Jenny was outstanding! Everyone loved her message as well as her presentation style. Once people saw the agenda, there were lots of moans and concerns over a three hour speaker as we usually limit speakers to one hour. Jenny held 230 attendee’s attention the entire time. She was a perfect blend of being passionate, intense, funny and crystal clear with delivery. I can’t tell you how many people came up to all of us thanking us for the “gift” to them personally that Jenny’s presentation represented. People used words like “life changing”, “powerful”, “perfect timing”, “just what I needed” and “she’s a rock star”. Honestly, we all think she’s the best speaker we’ve ever had at our annual meeting!”

— President and COO, Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant Group

“In the past year, AT&T University has been recognized multiple times by national publications for our excellence in Executive Development. Jenny Evans played no small role in this success. Incorporating Jenny into our flagship program, Leading with Distinction, raised our game in a way we couldn’t have anticipated. There are so many things out of our control in our environment right now, and her message was just what our leaders needed. Jenny provided an opportunity for them to stop moving at break-neck speed for an entire afternoon and really concentrate on what was important in their lives. Over the course of six months, Jenny stood in front of more than 3,500 executives at AT&T for four hours at a time. Her obvious passion around the material and her genuine concern for the participants in the room created a tidal wave of action at this great company. This response was consistent from coast to coast in the United States and didn’t skip a beat when we took the program to London and Hong Kong. We could not be more proud to call Jenny Evans our friend and our trusted partner. She has changed our culture for the better and we are forever grateful.”

— Director of Executive Development, AT&T

“I selected Jenny Evans to work with the entire Clinique North American Sales and Education executives. Though we were fortunate to work with a number of outstanding outside consultants, Jenny was one of the special few who made a lasting impression and directly contributed to the health and productivity of our team.

As someone who specializes in adult education methods and talent development, I was impressed not only with Jenny’s level of expertise, but also with her ability to deliver a compelling message in an always engaging, respectful and positive manner. Jenny’s strategies work. Best of all, based on Jenny’s contribution, many executives reported positive long-term benefits after working with Jenny: decreased levels of stress, higher levels of energy and even healthy and lasting weight loss.

Jenny is a powerful role model who “walks the walk” as she balances a challenging career and the demands of home, family and community. She truly was an inspiration to our field both during the time we worked with her and long after.

Based on my experiences, I would not hesitate to recommend Jenny to any organization that wants to boost the performance, health and fitness of every individual on their team.”

— Vice President Education, North America, Clinique

“Jenny Evans delivered a high-energy and funny – yet insightful – breakout session to an audience of 900+ female business leaders at our 25th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference. She was our highest rated workshop of the day!”

— Conference Development, The Institute for Career Advancement Needs (ICAN)

“Powerhouse! That’s the best description of Jenny Evans and her message. As a powerhouse, Jenny delivers a keynote that is intelligent, inspiring and vital while wrapped in humor and high energy.

When Jenny spoke to our international group of educators, she captivated the entire audience with her unique perspective on health and wellness. In today’s fast-paced, stress-filled and economically challenging times, Jenny’s message is crucial to helping individuals discover how truly simple balance can be to obtain.
To date, members of our team have integrated Jenny’s information in their lives and implement the knowledge and tools they gained by spending time with this powerhouse.”

— Senior Manager, Education, Aveda Corporation

“Jenny Evans spoke the first morning of the PMA Foundation’s 3rd Annual Women’s Fresh Perspectives Conference and open it she did! Jenny’s energy and enthusiastic presentation gave the conference the kick in the pants (or should I say skirt) for which we were looking! Not only did she have practical ideas for being “well on heels”, she did it in a humorous and engaging way with facts to back it up. Her energy on stage carried through to her conversations with many of the participants. I would highly recommend Jenny Evans for any program where women need to be prompted and jazzed-up to be more conscious of the effect that their health has on their potential.”

— Executive Director, PMA Foundation for Industry Talent

“Jenny was the opening speaker at our inaugural Women in Higher Education Technology Leadership event. She truly inspired our audience with her passionate conveyance of the actions women need to take in order to be confident both personally and professionally. Our attendees said it best in their evaluation of Jenny’s presentation: “I was on the edge of my seat. Literally.” and “ This was the right message at the right time.” and “Great session and just what I needed to hear after realizing I was on the verge of burn out.” Jenny helped us launch a new initiative to support women who aspire to leadership positions in higher education and we cannot thank her enough for her contribution! Jenny Evans is a game-changing speaker.”

— COO/CIO, Professional Media Group

“Jenny Evans’ presentation was amazing! The entire audience loved it. She had them up and out of their seats and entertained the entire time! After her presentation she was more than willing to stick around and sign a copy of her book for each and every one of our attendees. By the time we got her set up to start signing her book, the line was out through the door. Each person that met with Jenny Evans was quick to compliment her and her presentation and wanted to share their experiences with her. It was by far the best interaction that I have ever seen between our attendees and a speaker at any one of our conferences.”

— Manager, Professional Development Programs, California Bankers Association
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