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Speaker. Author. Relational intelligence expert

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Jeremie Kubicek
Jeremie Kubicek – 5 Gears
The Peace Index

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Every transmission of communication has an expectation behind it. Every expectation has a code word, that if solved will unlock the communication and lead to alignment. Most teams, organizations (and even families) do not know or use the 5 code words for effective communication.

This keynote is built off of the best selling book, The Communication Code: How to Unlock Every Relationship One Conversation at a Time. Jeremie uses powerful stories with a mix of humor and visual tools to unleash teams and leaves organizations with practical next steps that can be used at work or at home. Unlock alignment and foster connection with the code words of effective communication The 5 Code Words of Communication.

This keynote serves leaders and teams who are:
1. Seeking enhanced communication dynamics
2. Wishing to unlock relationship potential
3. Committed to continuous improvement

The audience will leave with:
1. A deep understanding of communication expectations
2. Practical tools for daily communication
3. Inspiration and motivation for change

Everyone has a unique voice that is needed inside teams and organizations. However, most people rarely know their own voice, let alone how to use it.

This keynote is built off of the generational best selling 5 Voices concept. Each participant will not only understand how they are wired, but understand how to communicate, build trust, and get aligned with everyone on their team, as well as their family.

Jeremie will give insights to the percentages of present versus future oriented people, how stress affects different types of people and how to value the other voices while learning to step into your voice with secure confidence. Discover your unique voice, foster team synergy, and thrive with effective communication strategies. Unleash the Power of Your Voice.

This keynote serves leaders and teams who are:
1. Navigating team dynamics
2. Seeking personal and professional growth
3. Fostering trust and alignment

The audience will leave with:
1. Self-awareness and understanding
2. Tools for effective communication
3. Confidence in individual and team dynamics

Imagine if a group of people could have a set of power tools that could help them increase their influence, get aligned with each other and execute with such ease that it increase employee engagement to new levels. Jeremie takes a number of Power tools that come from the leadership manual, The 100X Leader, and gifts them to the audience in a simple and scalable way.

This keynote is all about 21st century learning. Jeremie will share the power of common language within visual tools to help people become the healthiest leaders possible while teaching them to multiply what they have learned. This is a crowd pleaser as Jeremie uses visual tools versus traditional powerpoint presentations.

This keynote serves leaders and teams who are:

1. Aspiring for increased influence
2. Embracing 21st century learning
3. Open to scalable leadership practices

The audience will leave with:
1. A toolbox of leadership power tools
2. 21st century communication skills
3. Engagement-boosting strategies

Most people have fallen into the habit of being over productive and under present. Over time they actually lose productivity because their workaholism causes them to undermine relationships at home and at work. That drama creates sideways energy which takes away from their work. It doesn’t have to be like that.

In this interactive keynote, Jeremie teaches a sign language that comes from the classic book, The 5 Gears, to help people create a balanced system for productivity that encompasses their entire life.

The audience will walk away having learned a sign language that will change the communication patterns in their lives as well as receive time management hacks and ways to maximize productivity without hurting relationships.

This keynote serves leaders and teams who are:
1. Struggling with overproductivity
2. Recognizing the impact on relationships
3. Seeking sustainable productivity

The audience will leave with:
1. A practical sign language for balance
2. Improved communication patterns
3. Time management productivity hacks

Potential is the unrealized ability or capacity for growth or future success. Most people never experience their full potential because they get too busy at work or bogged down in life to fully achieve what they are capable of.

In this keynote, Jeremie shares the secrets of maximizing potential through profound ways to turn self-awareness into a competitive advantage; how to execute strategic changes in your life and how to expand influence.

Many of the concepts come from his book, The Peace Index.. Jeremie is a brilliant storyteller and will connect stories to practical tools that will leave the audience wanting more.

This keynote serves leaders and teams who are:
1. Aiming for full potential realization
2. Embracing strategic change
3. Expanding influence and impact

The audience will leave with:
1. Strategic self-awareness
2. Execution of strategic changes
3. Expanded influence and practical tools


“Jeremie Kubicek is not a speaker or presenter – he is one of the most powerful communicators I have ever seen. Through a conversational and relational approach, he will connect with your audiences and deliver powerful content on personal and professional development that will produce change.”

— Red Robin

“Jeremie is a gifted speaker. His presentation on topics of leadership, creating healthy cultural, and personal growth are powerful. Once you have experienced liberation, you wake up each morning looking for opportunities to liberate others.”

— EOTE Coffee
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