Jessica Buchanan

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Teacher, Author, Humanitarian, Speaker, Survivor

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Who is this for?

Audiences of all types looking to be inspired and motivated to face the everyday and extraordinary challenges of their lives with grace, tenacity and the ability to move forward.

The audience will leave with:
✔️ Feelings of inspiration and a renewed perspective showing them that they have what it takes to persevere through obstacles, no matter how impossible they may seem in the present
✔️ Specific tools Jessica used during captivity, that you can employ in your every day life, that inspire gratitude and a willingness
✔️ A poignant reminder that no matter how alone we may feel, we have not been forgotten

A Note from Jessica:
I have had the privilege of sharing my story with a variety of audiences, including high profile celebrities such as Clint Eastwood and Admiral McRaven. Every time I speak, I am reminded of what a fortunate thing it is to be alive to tell this miraculous story, and to share what I have learned about myself through navigating such impossible circumstances. I believe you will come away from my talk feeling empowered to take on whatever challenge you may be facing, with renewed strength to move forward, overcome your obstacles and move into a space of abundant growth.

Who is this for?

Audiences who may be facing corporate or personal life changes and the challenges that arise when change has been thrust upon you.

The Audience will leave with:
✔️ Renewed mindset on how to collaborate with change in their lives
✔️ Tools to empower them to make change work for them, not against them
✔️ Practical steps for reclaiming control in important areas of life when things feel like they are spinning out of control
✔️ A patriotic reminder of what it means to be an American

A note from Jessica:

Did you know you are SIX times more likely to demonstrate strong resilience in the middle of a life-changing event if you can identify your autonomy and choices within that change?

My unique perspective and experiences will empower you to discover your ‘WHY’ as you collaborate with change. Change is an inevitable part of life. Whether the change is something you have chosen or if the change has chosen you, the one thing you ALWAYS have is a CHOICE. Through sharing the dramatic story of my rescue by SEAL Team VI after being held hostage by Somali Pirates, I will show you how to become a collaborator with change and create the strategies you need to survive and thrive no matter what life has place in your path and launch you into a space of abundant growth and success.

Who is this keynote for?

This keynote is geared specifically to those audiences looking to walk in greater alignment with themselves, and for those who are ready to start listening to their own voice and hone their intuition.

The audience will leave with:
✔️ Tools for honing their intuition in every area of their lives
✔️ Real life examples that drive home the life and death situation that not listening to their intuition can cause
✔️ Exercises that will bring them into greater self-awareness and alignment into what they want for their future
✔️ Feelings of Empowerment that will bring them to decisions more quickly, ultimately getting them to their next steps in an effective and efficient way

Who is this keynote for?

This keynote is for the audience who works specifically in the security space. With Jessica’s unique background in the INGO (International Non-Governmental Organizational) space combined with her professional training as a teacher, Jessica shares lessons learned from before, during, and after her kidnapping experience to enable aid organizations and companies of all sizes and sectors to learn from her kidnapping experience as both a cautionary tale and a story of survival success.

The audience will leave with:
✔️ Practical takeaways and lessons learned from the unique perspective of a former hostage
✔️ An unforgettable illustration of the importance of an organization’s Duty of Care
✔️ A renewed sense of purpose as to their WHY supporting their mission
✔️ A commitment to their own personal security, and listening to their gut
✔️ An actual security checklist they may use prior to visiting project locations at home and abroad

A note from Jessica on this keynote:
Personal security is one of my greatest passions and a topic I never tire from speaking about. Because of my unique and firsthand experience as a hostage, and that I “lived to tell the tale” I offer organizaitons and security companies an extremely unique model that brings their security lessons to life. I can connect the concepts you teach in your classroom, to real life experiences that I endured, survived and now share- in a way that leaves an unforgettable impression on your staff, that inevitably will leave them feeling more empowered and safer, ultimately bringing greater success to your company on all levels.


Jessica Buchanan is a wonderful ambassador for our Navy SEAL Foundation. During her life and death struggle in an austere environment, she never quit. Like
the U.S. Navy SEALs who came to her rescue, Jessica’s faith in herself and her loved ones triumphed over evil in the most daunting of circumstances. She speaks from the heart, and offers an articulate, inspirational message of hope and courage. Jessica Buchanan’s humanitarian work, then and now, continues to make a positive difference in the world.

— U.S. Navy
“Jessica was a fantastic speaker, I know she touched so many in our audience yesterday. Many of our guests came up to me after her presentation and raved. It was an honor to have Jessica tell her story. I will be forever touched her courage and dignity.”
— Director, SIGINT Systems
“It was a wonderful day!! I hear nothing but great things from attendees yesterday about Jessica- Everyone loved having her here!!”
— WISE Conference, Houston

“Our audience of 100 senior leaders and their spouses were mesmerized. They could not stop talking about the emotional impact it had on them. Her story gave them pause to reflect on all they have and to cherish it, and not forget the fragility that may lie beneath it. So while we all feel for her and would never wish this to happen to anyone, by Jessica being willing to share her story she creates a beautiful example of what it means to send ripples outside of her community and favorably impact the lives of other human beings. Thank you Jessica.”

— WISDOM, DaVita
“Jessica was an EXCELLENT guest speaker for our spouse’s breakfast event at the Broadmoor.  I was fortunate to meet with her personally before the event and she shared so much about her  life, both before and after such a harrowing experience.  I was moved to tears when I read her book “IMPOSSIBLE ODDS”, and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the ballroom as she shared her experience with all of us.  She graciously allowed questions from the audience, and everyone i spoke to afterwards were very moved by her story and her ability to relive  that nightmare.  My only regret is that we did not think to have copies of her book available (many people were asking about it and would have loved to have her sign their copy)…”
— Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association
“Jessica Buchanan is a wonderful ambassador for our Navy SEAL Foundation. During her life and death struggle in an austere environment, she never quit. Like the U.S. Navy SEALs who came to her rescue, Jessica’s faith in herself and her loved ones triumphed over evil in the most daunting of circumstances. Jessica Buchanan’s inspirational work, then and now, continues to make a positive difference in the world.”
— Chairman, Board of Directors, Navy SEAL Foundation
“Thank you for participating as a guest speaker at our Navy SEAL Tribute event. I have never seen a room filled with hundreds of people who were so simply put, spellbound.  Your dedication and love for each other, your courage to survive given such impossible odds and your strength to share your story with such dignity and grace was inspirational to all who attended.”
— Navy SEAL Tribute Chairman, President Kenmark/Half Moon Bay Golf Resort
“Jessica was the very best! Her gripping story kept the ACE Summit audience hanging on every word. Beyond her story is a great person who will provide a rich experience for all who come in contact with her. It was an honor to meet and become friends with Jessica.”
— CEO, Bluegrass Business Media, ACE Summit EXPO
“Can I tell you, we absolutely loved Jessica.  She was such an amazing speaker who held the entire audience in her hand.  Aside from the professional she was, she too was very personable.  We all felt such a connection with her and were extremely proud for Lamar State College-Orange to bring in such a dynamic speaker who also is an amazing humanitarian.”
— Lamar State College - Orange

“Many expressed that she was their favorite. The audience was quiet listening to her; “like being in church”–many moved to tears.  Powerful story of individual resilience and facing unknown circumstances.   She wove her lessons throughout the presentation and relayed the story in a way that didn’t dwell on the awful or the trauma but allowed us to understand the emotions with her and her personal journey of internal strength. Truly inspirational.”

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