Joe  Castillo

Joe Castillo

Speaker, Storyteller, SandStory Artist

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Joe Castillo: Sand Art
Motivational Keynote
Custom Sand Story

Joe Castillo

Speaker, Storyteller, SandStory Artist

In-Person Fee Range:
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Why Book

  • Long before becoming a finalist on America’s Got  Talent, his unique artwork and great stories, have entertained and captivated audiences around the world.
  • His stories bring a lump to the throat, his art brings tears to the eyes and his message grips the heart.
  • Your audience will leave his unique performances more fulfilled than you ever dreamed possible.


The world’ s premier “SandStory” performer, unique live presenter, gifted speaker and storyteller.

A native of Mexico City, Joe Castillo grew up surrounded by art and the cosmopolitan culture of an international city. In his teenage years he moved to Florida, attended Ringling School of Art, and graduated from Florida Bible College. He started his career by founding The Advertising Library, an agency in Knoxville, Tennessee. After 21 years in advertising, he developed “SandStories”, a new way of telling stories in sand.

In the past seven years he has performed in for presidents, kings and dignitaries in 45 states, and 23 foreign countries and reached the finals on America’ s got Talent. Joe and his wife Cindy now live in Atlanta and occasionally get to see their four children and six grandchildren.

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Joe Castillo Reviews

“Such an innovative way of telling stories. It was magnificent.”
— Pfizer
“That is the coolest thing
I have ever seen! It was the spark that made the event.”
— Exxon Mobile

“This is an amazing presentation!  It’s a new, different and exciting way to communicate our message.”

— Intercontinental Hotels


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