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Healthcare Teamwork Leadership Keynote Speaker Joe Mull CSP – Preview Video
Types of Drama in the Workplace
What’s Your Cause At Work?

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What happens in the workplace when everyone is committed? Effort, teamwork, innovation, and more.

But commitment can’t be bought. It must be earned.

The most engaged and inspired employees don’t get that way by chance. Their commitment is triggered by a unique set of conditions in the workplace. These conditions can only be created and sustained by direct supervisors.

The Commitment Competency dives into the knowledge, skills, and beliefs bosses must deploy to spark employees to give their all. Drawing on fresh research in employee engagement and workplace psychology, this dynamic presentation teaches leaders how to #bossbetter and get people firing on all cylinders.

Gossip. Infighting. Complaints. Cliques. Team drama wreaks havoc on organizational health. It damages morale, productivity, engagement, and retention. Drama leads to customer complaints, lost revenue, and a talent exodus. It also sucks the life out of every manager it touches, monopolizing their time and obliterating their spirit. This is why personnel at every level, in every industry, have a duty to build team unity and prevent team drama.

This program – based on Joe’s popular book No More Team Drama – is a captivating primer on improving the quality of interactions between employees in the workplace. Attendees learn exactly how to transform a group of employees into a band of collaborators committed to working hard, getting along, and wowing customers.

Every day employees go to work and make astounding differences in the lives of others. Unfortunately, the never-ending challenges and changes in work environments disconnect employees from seeing their true impact. When difference-making fades from view, employees simply go through the motions, burn out, or stop caring altogether.

Energize your audience with this inspiring keynote that teaches leaders at all levels how a few small changes in communication can make every employee feel like they matter.

Using psychology, humor, social science research, and captivating stories, Joe Mull teaches leaders strategies to create line of sight between the tasks and responsibilities of an employee’s job and the real-world impact they have every day. Interactive, inspiring, and uplifting, this program leaves attendees energized about their own work while equipping them with tactics to become better storytellers and inspire their own teams long after the event.

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