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John Avianantos – Motivational Speaker

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In his unique motivating way, John teaches that regardless of odds or setbacks, we all have the ability to succeed. Using his personal experiences, he presents examples in a humorous yet meaningful way that conveys to the audience that they always have the control to affect the outcome in a positive way. You will never forget the examples used by John in this program–all original with powerful messages linked to each example. The audience will leave the program with renewed confidence, new found enthusiasm, and a belief that they control their own destiny.

John covers how to Jumpstart your Business, increase the bottom line, create better leadership, and rejuvenate your employees. He gets everyone on board using stories all can identify with and quickly gets them to see how important their actions, attitude, and togetherness contribute to a super successful business model.

The program opens with an extremely moving audio segment. John quickly gets into the program utilizing stories, examples, visuals and props that will run the audience through emotions from laughter to near tears. Continuing with his master story telling skills, John paints word pictures that put the audience into each experience, thus maximizing the message. The audience will leave this very inspirational program with renewed respect for Dr King, be reminded of his great lessons, and have high hope for the future.

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