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President and owner of John Robert’s Spa, named one of the Top 20 Salons in America, Customer Service Expert

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John DiJulius – Customer Service Expert

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How do you build a customer experience in the digital age, balancing the necessary technology advances with the human touch? As convenient as advances in technology make our lives, they have also changed the way we communicate, behave, think, and have led to a dramatic decline in our people skills. That is why building relationships and genuine connections have never been more important.

John’s newest keynote teaches how to deal with the touch-screen age both as customers and employees. You will learn how you and your employees can make a strong connection with anyone instantly, how to build relationships that become your single strongest competitive advantage, the importance of the human touch and how to create it.

John offers high energy and high takeaway keynotes and customized workshops that will help increase the service aptitude of everyone in your organization, train your employees to have more compassion and empathy for your customers, make price irrelevant, and become the brand your customers cannot live without.
This customized presentation covers topics including: making customer experience your differentiating competitive advantage, increased profits through increasing customer loyalty and referrals, creating compassion & empathy for your customers in all your employees, making price irrelevant, becoming the brand customers cannot live without, increasing the service aptitude of your employees, and how to build relationships with your customers.

What’s the Secret?
Keynotes and workshops designed for your leaders to work together on creating the systems and processes the X Commandments uphold to deliver World-Class Customer Experiences consistently. John DiJulius personally customizes and delivers this workshop tailored to your company and industry drawing from his experiences as an international consultant to a variety of companies.

The X Commandments To providing a World-Class Customer Experience is an innovative methodology created and written about by John in his best seller What’s The Secret?

“From years of studying and working with world-class Customer service organizations, I have found that there are principles they all have in common that differentiate them from other organizations and elevate them to a different Customer service level. These commandments of world-class service are irrefutable. There are not nine or eleven, there are ten. They do not change, or become obsolete. Just as important as the commandments themselves, is the order of the commandments, here, referred to as the Chain of Commandments.

The commandments are arranged in the precise sequence necessary for an organization to provide a world-class Customer experience. It is impossible for an organization to reach its optimum level of service attitude and Customer satisfaction without proficiently executing each commandment.”
~John DiJulius

Topics and Expertise

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“John is an amazing speaker and keeps his audience involved in his speaking. He has a way with people to make them feel uplifted and important. Would DEFINITELY have him back!!!”

— Iowa Vision Source

“Great energy, insightful analogies, on point topic and relevance. I wish we could have more time with him.”

— Ritz-Carlton

“The DiJulius Group and The Secret Service Summit have helped Starbucks take service to new levels by not only creating a Service Vision but also by helping us adhere to a common goal. The combination of hands-on expertise shared by leading brand executives and the emotional component from motivational speakers, has made your events like none other.”

— Starbucks

“John relates an amazing amount of practical real world examples that can be applied in your efforts to launch a customer service revolution in your business as I have in my direct work with John.”

— Nestle

“John’s energy on stage was incredible. He was able to capture the attention of 350 people for 90 minutes and kept them completely engaged. His references were totally relatable to our group, which is not easy to do as they are orthodontists and it is a very small, specialized market. We received instant and ongoing praise for our selection of John as a speaker. John’s genuine interest during the book signing after his keynote presentation was exceptional. Rarely do you come across a speaker of his caliber that is willing to give his time like he did.”

— Dentsply GAC

“Our net promoter scores are improving, our franchise owners are delivering a better experience and our employees are happier. Customer service is an elixir for your entire network and The DiJulius Group delivers!”

— Anytime Fitness
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