John C. Havens

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H(app)athon Founder, "GO TO" Voice on Technology and the Science of Happiness for The Guardian, Mashable, & Huffington Post

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2 Video(s) By This Presenter

John Havens Keynote, Mind the GAP: Increasing Genuine Wellbeing in an Age of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)
TEDxIndianapolis, John C. Havens, Hacking happiness — how to give big data a direction

2 Programs By This Presenter

Machine-learning algorithms may soon get to know us better than we know ourselves. It’s critical to recognize where technologies already consume our attentions to increase our wellbeing and happiness.

With pragmatic solutions combining economics, emerging technology, and positive psychology. John Havens provides a human-centric roadmap to help attendees embrace their present to better define the future.

Learning Outcomes of Mind the Gap:

  • How to better pursue purpose on the job and at home.
  • How practicing gratitude can lower stress and correlates to better physical, mental, and emotional health.
  • How altruism and random acts of kindness can be used as a tool to improve employee morale, wellbeing, and productivity.
  • How to live to your values and increase happiness, job satisfaction, and productivity.
  • It’s time we knew more about ourselves than the sensors in our devices.
  • The study of happiness is exploding — the United Nations has issues its first World Happiness Report, and countries all around the world like Bhutan, the UK, and China are issuing reports based on hundreds of thousands of interviews from people describing what makes them happy and why.

 These trends of studying well being — the science and economics of happiness — have entered the workforce. More and more research is proving that employees who are happy, who feel a sense of meaning and purpose at their work, are more productive and valuable for their employers. Based on his Mashable article (and upcoming book from Tarcher/Penguin), The Value of a Happiness Economy, John will teach you why the global trend of analyzing well being is so critical for employers to understand, and how they can utilize existing tools to measure and improve their employee’s happiness.


    “Great keynote! High energy and extremely knowledgeable in his field. Super friendly and reliable. He was flexible with our meeting schedule and very transparent throughout the entire process.”

    — RedEd,Inc

    “John C. Havens brings so much to a stage appearance. His professionalism, presence and ease with performing on a stage means he is relaxed and sets anyone else he shares a stage with at ease. His story and message is inspirational and seductive and makes you think long and hard about how you can do good and live better everyday. Oh an you must get him to play his harmonica!”

    — George P. Johnson Experience Marketing

    “We all left with a mission to live our values and think about the implications of how we use technology on a daily basis, while being mindful of how advances in technology may affect our lives both positively and negatively.”

    — rAVe Publications (Tech Industry)

    “The timeliness of content you brought to the table is undeniable, and we keep receiving tremendously positive feedback reflecting not only your leading-edge expertise, but also your open and down-to-earth attitude. Here is to YOU, one of our all-star speakers, for collectively enabling the transition to a sustainable economy where brands prosper by leading the way.”

    — Sustainable Brands

    “John C. Havens, a regular on the social media circuit, former actor and speaker extraordinairre, knows how to effectively use storytelling and humor to connect with his audience.”

    — Fast Company

    “[John] energetically presents a roadmap for companies on how to leverage social media to grow their business.”

    — The Wall

    “…without a doubt one of the best presenters I’ve ever seen.”

    — Managing Director, UM

    “…a rare breed who is able to communicate complex concepts in simple and entertaining terms.”

    — Steven Etzler, Founder, Business Development Institute

    “Thank you so much for your dynamic and engaging presentation. I think you hit all the marks; technology, data, healthcare, patient care – while keeping it real, and always reminding us of the value of humanity. Your presentation was not only educational and fun, but also inspiring and motivating. I wanted more! And, so did our staff.”

    — New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation

    “Great presentation, timely information, presentation skills (the best). The audience loved John and in response invited him to attend other conference functions.”

    — Executive Events & Management Co.
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