Johnny Crowder

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Founder & CEO of Cope Notes, Mental Health Advocate, Billboard-charting musician, and TEDx speaker with 1M+ views

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Johnny Crowder- Everything Cool is Hard at First Reel
Johnny Crowder – Interrupting Unhealthy Thoughts Reel
Johnny Crowder – Myth of the Eureka Moment Reel
Johnny Crowder – You Can Rewire Your Brain Reel

3 Programs By This Presenter

Crippling burnout. Chronic absenteeism. Rampant resignations. The multi-headed monster of compassion fatigue, longer working days and employee isolation are damming up the rivers of productivity at thousands of companies, and employers are concerned. Leveraging insights from his own decade-long mental health journey, Johnny Crowder shows audiences why talking about mental health should be as straightforward as talking about physical health, even in the workplace. And he shares the hard-won strategies for emotional wellbeing that led to the creation of his science-based breakthrough mental and emotional support app, Cope Notes, which is now in use in more than 90 countries.

His fast-paced and actionable keynote program delivers proven steps to:

  • Build work cultures that proudly prioritize and support mental health for all
  • Rethink and reframe challenges as they arise
  • Process mental and emotional distress in a way that builds relationships, confidence and happiness

Play it cool. Get it together. Don’t let ‘em see you sweat. As CEO of the global mental health company Cope Notes, Johnny Crowder knows how it feels to bury emotional health challenges for the sake of maintaining a “professional” image. After all, that’s what a leader should do, right? In fact, keeping up the “everything is fine” charade didn’t help or protect him. As researchers now know, emotional resilience requires vulnerability. But self-judgment and shame keep people from developing the authenticity they need to confront pain, learn self-acceptance, and practice better self-care.

In this presentation, your audience will learn how to:

  • Leverage past hardships for the benefit of others
  • Work toward being truthful and authentic in even the most challenging situations
  • Process mental and emotional distress in a way that builds relationships, confidence, and happiness

48% of the U.S. workforce struggles with compassion fatigue. The result? Burnout, absenteeism, mental and emotional distress, poor sleep, unhealthy diets, and high turnover, particularly in caring professions. Empathetic and compassionate people are invaluable on any team. But when compassion makes it feel as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders, genuine empathy can devolve into unhappiness, unproductivity, and an inability to help the very people you care about in the first place. Mindfulness is one of the simplest and most practical tools for self-care, and Johnny shows audiences how to gradually make it an important part of anyone’s daily routine.

Your audience will learn how to:

  • Identify the sources and symptoms of compassion fatigue
  • Rethink the assumptions that trigger impostor syndrome and guilt
  • Implement self-care strategies that drive a renewed sense of energy and purpose in the workplace and beyond


“Planning for an event that is geared towards youth to talk about their mental health, finding a dynamic relevant speaker wasn’t easy. Until we found Johnny. Throughout the planning, Johnny was extremely professional and responsive, and he even jumped in to promote the event with us on a local podcast. Johnny’s talk was very well received and the youth who attended the BRAVE Summit learned about acceptance, and that it is ok to not be ok from Johnny. The excitement has not quelled and the youth are still talking about the talk that Johnny gave and how he inspired them to take control of their mental health and seek help when needed. I would absolutely recommend Johnny to speak to ANY group.”

— Flagler Health

Johnny Crowder has been one of, if not the best speakers I have had the privilege of working with. His powerful story paired with his relatability allowed for the students at our event to really connect and have meaningful conversations around their mental health. We even had students wanting to take positive action in their own lives and seek treatment after hearing Johnny’s story! Johnny comes fully prepared to engage with the audience and tailors his talks to the specific population of your event. I cannot sing high enough praises about the impact he has had on our community! There are students still talking about what an impact his story had on them. We are so grateful to have such a fierce advocate for mental well-being like Johnny as a friend!

— Care Connect+

I’ve never seen a speaker drive such positive, energetic engagement in a virtual setting. Halfway through Q&A, my inbox was flooded with encore requests from our staff. Due to the demand, we invited him back a second time, and unsurprisingly, it was another smash hit. The impact Johnny’s talk has made on our company culture is still talked about to this day. He truly became part of the UMA family!

— Ultimate Medical Academy
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