Jon Stetson

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Internationally Acclaimed Mind Reading Comedian

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Jon Stetson – Mentalist
Jon Stetson – Entertainer

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Jon jump-starts even the drowsiest morning or post-lunch meetings with a brief, high-energy wake-up call complete with experiential, innovative experiences. Recharge your audience and they will thank you for it.

Jon is the quick wit and the steady center of even the most complex productions, including conferences, meetings and awards banquets. He’ll work with you to organize your event, keep it moving and get your message across effectively.

Is he a doctor? A high-profile industry consultant? A new VP of sales? You paint the character, we create…

Over 25 years of trade show experience, designing innovative experiences that drive traffic and promote the uniquenes of your brand experience. It’s buzz time.

Breaking down silos has never been so easy, as Jon creates a unique evening that brings people together, galvanizes their focus, and ensures that while there is no “me” in “team,” there certainly is “fun.”

You’ve used videos, slides, music and talking heads to introduce a CEO or keynote speaker in front of a group. Here’s something completely different. Jon can materialize a CEO or speaker virtually out of thin air, using a new twist on an old magician’s tool, the magic box. The device presents your VIP in a dignified yet astonishing way to audiences, and sets the tone for what’s to come.


“Jon was absolutely phenomenal! Very engaging, entertaining. The group was just in awe of him and still talking about what an amazing time they had. Highly recommend him!”

— Mercy Health

“Jon had to entertain across all levels of this corporation from the CEO to the factory worker and everything in between. IPS is essentially an engineering company with the analytical thinking you would expect. All the feedback I have received has been positive. Just when one of the engineers thought he figured out one ‘trick’, Jon would do something else to cause the look of astonishment. It was my pleasure to watch Jon perform and to work with Eagles Talent again.”

— Invensys Process System

“Excellent presentation. Funny and simply Amazing! How does he do that?” –Persons Banking Company

— Union Central Life Insurance

“Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves very much and so far the feedback has been positive… Everything ran so smoothly… Thank you again for your assistance in booking Jon Stetson. Ann and Esther were such a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with them in the future.”

— New Jersey Apartment Association

“Jon Stetson did a phenomenal job! Our audience really loved him and responded very well to him. His performance was a nice change of pace from the standard magician/juggler/etc. that we’ve had in the past.”

— NC Retail Merchants Association

“Jon was absolutely amazing!! We are all still speechless. Honestly, he was a just phenomenal! People are still talking about him and are in awe of him. He was funny, engaging and just all around wonderful. He is truly a rockstar!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

— Mercy Hospital
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