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Award-Winning Author, Entrepreneur & Founder of The Good Life Project

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Jonathan Fields

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What if your work felt like the thing you were put on the planet to do, filled you with purpose, allowed you to feel fully-expressed and perform at the peak of your potential? This is what it feels like to be “sparked,” to operate on a level where you’re fully alive, standing in your potential and contributing everything you have to offer on the highest possible level. It turns out, anyone can work from this place, regardless of job, title or industry, once you discover your Sparketype®, the unique source-code for work that makes you come alive.

In this engaging and inspiring, story-meets-science presentation, participants will:

  • Discover a groundbreaking approach to making work a powerful source of purpose, engagement, excitement and expression.
  • Identify their own unique Sparketype or source-code for work that makes you come alive and feel like you’re doing what you’re here to do.
  • Gain powerful insights into the “Sparketype spread” for all participants in the room, and how to tap this wisdom to inspire better choices, collaborations and outcomes.
  • Learn how to build upon their Sparketype to cultivate a performance-edge and transform work into a source of meaning, expression, joy and success.
  • What makes great leaders great? Skill and experience play a role, but one of the most ignored, yet critical determinants of success as a leader is a deep awareness of your own inner-driver of purpose, engagement and expression — your Sparketype® — along with the ability to identity and leverage this unique source-code in others.

    In this inspiring, actionable presentation, leaders will:

  • Discover a powerful new tool – the Sparketypes® – for leadership growth that fuels purpose, engagement and leads to better performance and outcomes.
  • Pinpoint their unique Sparketype or source-code for work that lets them lead from a place of deeper purpose, expression and potential.
  • Learn how to tap the Sparketypes to create more energized, self-motivated and collaborative teams that lead to better, more fluid outcomes.
  • Cultivate a culture that transforms work into a more organic source of meaning, expression and joy, removing obstacles to performance and unlocking potential.
  • Whether you’re a leader, salesperson, innovator or entrepreneur, your success is tied to your ability to cultivate trust, safety, openness, dedication and commitment. How does this happen? Turns out, it’s less about what you “do and say,” and more about your ability to cultivate and cast a hyper-focused state of awareness known as “Exquisite Attention.” Master this capability and every relationship, both in business and life, becomes exponentially deeper and more capable of impact, ease and elevation.

    In this interactive keynote presentation, participants will:

  • Learn how our brains are wired for attention and why harnessing the ability to cultivate Exquisite Attention is critical to connection, creativity, leadership and performance.
  • Discover a groundbreaking, immediately-actionable framework to begin cultivating exquisite attention and become “Attention Alchemists.”
  • Begin tapping the power of this new communication and creation super-skill in real-time in the room together.
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