Josh Linkner’s Big Little Breakthroughs, Coming April 20, 2021

Posted by Stephanie Guida


About Josh

Josh Linkner is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and NY Times bestselling author. He is a top-rated keynote speaker who speaks on creativity, innovation, and reinvention. His keynotes are extremely popular and he has given over 1000 talks all over the world. Linkner has founded, grew, and sold five companies and has created over 10,000 jobs, predominately in his hometown of Detroit. Josh has been named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year and is the recipient of the United States Presidential Champion of Change Award. In addition to his entrepreneurial work and speaking engagements, Josh is a professional level jazz guitarist and musician.

Big Little Breakthroughs

Josh’s newest book, Big Little Breakthroughs, will be available on April 20, 2021. The book’s mission is to ignite dormant creative capacity. It will flip what readers think about innovation and show them that embracing their creativity will make the world a better place. Through highlighting several small innovators who sparked a big movement, Josh hopes to inspire everyday people to become everyday innovators.

Creativity within the workplace drives meaningful outcomes in more areas than just marketing. It can be used to help with recruiting, employee morale, sales and cost challenges, or basically any internal challenge across the board. Big Little Breakthroughs offers academic research on creativity from Stanford and Harvard including research on how the brain works and which parts of the brain are activated/deactivated while working creatively. The book also showcases the creative habits of great artists, including Lady Gaga, Steven Spielberg, and Steven Tyler. It encourages responsible risk taking and gives readers really specific, practical tools to unlock creativity. Big Little Breakthroughs will help organizations create an army of everyday innovators.

Special Offer!

If you and your team order 1,000 books before the release date on April 20, 2021, Josh will gift your organization one free keynote, virtual or in-person. Interested? Inquire within to learn more today!


Posted by Stephanie Guida

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