Justin  Wren

Justin Wren

Humanitarian, Author, MMA Fighter, Mental Health Advocate, and Non-Profit CEO/Founder

In-Person Fee Range:
$20,001 - $30,000
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Justin Wren

Humanitarian, Author, MMA Fighter, Mental Health Advocate, and Non-Profit CEO/Founder

In-Person Fee Range:
$20,001 - $30,000
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  • A former Mixed Martial Arts Champion, Justin is a tireless and inspiring humanitarian who has dedicated his life to fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves.
  • Overcoming severe personal adversity of his own, a remarkable collection of circumstances led this gentle giant to live among the Mbuti Pygmy people in the Congo, which transformed both his life, and theirs, forever.
  • From this experience he founded the non-profit organization Fight For The Forgotten, and now leads a team of people who are providing clean water, land acquisition, housing, healthcare and more to thousands, while simultaneously fighting to end the rampant slavery in the region.


After battling depression, suicide, and drug addiction, Justin Wren experienced a life-changing journey living with the Mbuti Pygmy people of the Congo Basin Rainforest. When he returned he founded Fight For The Forgotten, to knockout the world water crisis, which today has expanded its impact to serve the Batwa Pygmies of Uganda. Justin has a deep-seated belief & ability to empower people to stoke the fire that is within us all.

Justin “The Big Pygmy” Wren is a 10 time State Champion, 5 time All American, and 2 time National Champion Wrestler, UFC veteran,and has been inducted into the Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame. His MMA record is 15-2.

As a humanitarian he’s the Founder and CEO of the non-profit Fight for the Forgotten, also authoring a bestselling book with the same name through Simon & Schuster publishing. Justin’s transformative storytelling Ignites a fire In the human soul that inspires and empowers us to take action that leads deeper purpose, high performance, and long lasting change and impact.

Justin has inspired millions through his appearances on the Joe Rogan Experience (9x), Mike Tyson’s HotBoxin’, the Ed Mylett Show, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, and TEDx Talks, along with his book, Fight for the Forgotten. Today he is the host of his own inspirational podcast, Overcome with Justin Wren and a globally recognized keynote speaker.

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Overcome and Thrive: How to Overcome Obstacles and Win This Fight Called Life

In the electrifying arena of life, we all step into the ring, donning the gloves of struggle, pain, and adversity. In the face of every challenge, we have a choice to make – a choice to rise, to fight, and to overcome.

As an MMA fighter, I have danced in the octagon, where every second counts and every blow matters. But my toughest fight, my most grueling bout, was not inside those steel cage walls. It was the battle within my own mind, the war against self-doubt, fear, and the weight of past failures.

This speech is not just about fighting in the ring– it’s about fighting for your dreams, your purpose, and the meaningful impact only you can create. Together, we will unravel the secrets of the Overcomer’s mindset, the unyielding spirit that separates the victors from the defeated. It’s time to transform pain into fuel, setbacks into comebacks, and doubts into unwavering belief.

Generate Impact: Finding Purpose Through Service to Leave Your Imprint on this World.

What happens after you hit rock bottom? Sometimes you find a calling that changes your life forever. You just might become a hope dealer that empowers sustainable change for others.

The Pygmies, a marginalized and forgotten people, became the catalyst for my journey of purposeful service. Through my experiences with these incredible individuals, I witnessed firsthand the immense impact we can have when we dedicate ourselves to a cause greater than ourselves.

Together, we will explore the power of service, the profound difference we can make in the lives of others, and the ripple effect that extends far beyond what we can imagine– including the transformation that occurs within ourselves when we choose to serve selflessly.

Above all, this talk is about hope. How to become a hope-dealer from one of the worlds greatest hope dealers turned change makers. It is a reminder that we each possess the power to create a better world, one act of kindness at a time. By leaving our imprint on this world through purposeful service, we can inspire others to do the same, sparking a chain reaction of love and compassion that reverberates far and wide.

Tapping into A Fighter’s Mind - A Fighter’s Heart. Goal Setting, High Performance, and “Peak Week

To the untrained eye or casual fan, it is often believed that it’s the fighter with the strongest muscles or best physique who will win an MMA fight. But in actuality, the one who wins in the cage is the fighter with the deepest purpose and strongest reasons.

Learning to strengthen and stack your WHYs is a skill, and one that sets apart a winning fighter from the rest. Reminding yourself of why you are fighting and who you are fighting for is how the bar of high performance gets raised during a fighter’s “peak week”– that crucial time period before a fight, as you let yourself heal from a grueling ‘fight camp’ of training.

We are all fighting for something. At home, at work, with our teams, for our personal goals, or for our community. Learning these insights and tapping into both a fighter’s mind and a fighter’s heart, and applying it to life, will help anyone achieve peak performance and find that flow state while in hot pursuit of any goals and give you a new game plan– and a new edge– for victory.

Hope Dealers, Fire Starters, and Change Creators/Movement Makers.

When we access this shamrock three punch combo and trifecta it leads to a triplingof impact. Things we dreamed as possible, but didn’t believe could happen, can occur through accessing the tools, tactics, and techniques that true fire starters use to create the seemingly impossible.

Through personal growth in our own lives, our performance and success at work, and our attitude and actions making change, we can create like never before in our communities and our world.

The New Wave of Charity, Sustainability, and Opportunity.

Opportunity is greater than charity. While charity certainly has its place, opportunity is proven to be better: it’s the difference between a hand out and a hand up, or band-aids and stitches.

The shocking truth is that the band-aid of charity has turned into a toxicity that has caused the good intentions of charity to actually hurt.

Learn the how and why of this from Justin’s own founding of Fight for the Forgotten, and how contribution meets collaboration, and helps people build their own ladder to climb out of poverty, oppression, insecurity and injustice. There is always a better way for communities to move forward and toward wholeness.

Servant Leadership, Character Development, and Difference Making.

Leading from the front has long been the most inspirational and most effective way of leadership. But someone who has been there before, has a deep well of knowledge from the experience of having been there before, or currently is within the team, has been proven to be more trusted, effective, and impactful.

Someone who has been, can be, and is always willing to jump back in the trenches or hold space for the frontline workers who are currently there will have open lines of communication and will have the opportunity for their team to have ears that hear. Open ears, open minds, open hearts to receive direction, feedback, and leadership advice and instruction.

Learn how to further lead from service through Justin’s own story, combining head knowledge and heart knowledge. Get the real game plan for victory: care not only about the bottom line, but the through line of the people involved making the performance possible.

Face It All, Feel It All, and Magic Happens.

Leaders are being blindsided today external circumstances cheapshotting our internal condition without our permission. Think: mental health issues, compassion fatigue, and burnout.

The antidote to burnout is tending to the internal fire. We will always be vulnerable to external circumstances depleting our energy, detouring our performance, and have our purpose circling the drain if we neglect our internal condition.

This talk will share Justin’s Overcomer story and his story of recovery and ultimately, thriving, and how to maintain this as a leader and a true Overcomer.

Justin Wren Reviews

Justin spoke to our group from his heart. He has done his homework on mental health. He knows the facts. He is articulate about the problem. However, much more importantly, he is passionate about solutions. Our audience left inspired, re-energized and dedicated to their mission. Thank you Justin!


We recently had the honor of having Justin Wren come and speak to our latest cohort for the Draper Startup House Accelerator. Justin’s story and message of perseverance, fighting for what you believe in & incredible resilience was truly a game changer for our program, our founders, and for me personally.


“He is the nicest, most charitable human being I’ve ever met in my life. He’s so kind, so gentle, and so sweet. He goes to Africa for months out of the year, he’s gotten malaria 3 times, I mean it’s crazy. Until I met Justin, until I’ve spent a lot of time with him, had these deep conversations, I didn’t know that someone was that selfless, that someone could be that kind and gentle.”




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