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Personal Branding and Leadership Coach

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Kaplan Mobray – The 10K’s Of Personal Branding
Kaplan Mobray – The 10L’s Of Leadership
What Makes You Indispensable
Diversity & Inclusion: The Power Of Your Uniqueness

10 Programs By This Presenter

The 10Ks of Personal Branding is an electrifying, thought provoking presentation on ten principles to help you build your personal brand. Based on Kaplan Mobray’s best-selling book The 10Ks of Personal Branding, the presentation covers such topics as: the six-second elevator speech, establishing recall, effective networking tips, and leaving a lasting impression. Audience participants will be inspired to think about themselves in a totally new way and learn techniques on how leave a positive impression that builds career success and life focus. It is a life changing event!

This is an inspiring workshop on ten principles to create an effective leader. Based on Kaplan Mobray’s forthcoming book, this innovative seminar takes an unconventional spin on leadership by challenging audience participants to understand their unique leadership qualities in the absence of a role or title. The presentation will challenge the audience through concepts like having a formula for vision, planning for success in succession planning, and how to really know your people. Participants will be inspired to focus on how they make choices as a leader in their daily living that drive impact and create value for others. The 10Ls is a formula for leadership success.

Networking and relationship building are undoubtedly the most effective means to get a job, promote your brand, or help someone find opportunity. But too often, we make the mistake of not planning for the opportunity we want to achieve, and thus networking “happens” by default. The 10Ns of Networking is a fun, interactive workshop that explores how to maximize networking success to drive greater professional and business opportunities. Audience participants will be inspired to take themselves out of their comfort zone and develop an effective approach for making connections, selling themselves and/or their service, and how to drive mutual value as a “connector.”

The 10Ps of Public Speaking explores ten effective strategies for success in public speaking. The principles are designed to help you draw on your strengths and give you tools to alleviate your most common public speaking fears. Through effective techniques such as “the power of the pause” and “using your eyes to gain confidence,” audience participants will walk away with a proven approach to dramatically improve their public speaking capabilities.

Time Out! Have you ever wondered why some people get so much done and why you may be struggling to cross one thing off your to-do list? Time management is a critical driver of success and accomplishment. When you look at time as something you need, you will use it as something you value. However if you let time “happen,” it too will pass you by leaving you with a question of “what happened?” The 10Ts of Time Management covers ten effective principles to help organizations increase workforce productivity and individuals to increase their ability to get things done. In this workshop, Mobray offers the philosophy that if you can convert passive time to active value, you will develop habits that give you more energy and create greater outcomes. The principles are practical, actionable and designed to drive immediate results.

In today’s fast paced environment organizations are looking to get the most out of their people while providing a challenging environment that promotes growth, mobility, and learning. All too often however, leaders and employees see a drop in their productivity because of the nature of how work gets done and the need to “put out fires” in being responsive to complete multiple tasks. When leaders create a culture that rewards new ideas and fresh approaches to problem solving, they create “signature moments” that elevate the performance of their teams and increase employee satisfaction. This workshop is designed to help professionals increase the time and processes that drive innovation and growth in meeting strategic business objectives. Highly interactive, the workshop incorporates brainstorming exercises, benchmarking and improvisation techniques to help attendees bring innovation to their roles and unexpected value to their clients.

As leaders and organizations continue to work together to build a more inclusive workplace and high- performance culture, understanding the impact of microaggressions, communicating inclusively, and recognizing unconscious bias will be key to driving sustainable and transformative change. All around the world and in U.S. workplaces people are engaging in real conversations about race, justice, diversity, equality, and inclusion and how to build high- performing teams.

These courageous conversations are paving the way for meaningful anti-racist action from both individuals and organizations. So what are microaggressions? And how do you address them in the workplace?

Described as a life-changing event, this interactive, insightful, and engaging presentation teaches individuals how to identify and address common microaggressions within themselves and observed in others. How to embrace a new level of self-awareness, empathy, and discovery to enhance our everyday interactions and create inclusive behaviors in how we connect, understand and relate to each other. When we confront microaggressions we elevate team performance. When we address microaggressions we learn something new about ourselves and new ways to show respect in our actions and behaviors towards others. We become change agent leaders to harness the true power of inclusion driving transformational change and
growth in our organizations.

The global pandemic and social distancing have changed the way we work today. Working from home, in a virtual or remote location, and connecting to colleagues and supervisors on Zoom and other virtual meeting platforms has become the new normal.

For many it is an opportunity to work with greater comfort and flexibility, for others working remotely presents a challenge on how to advance your career, build a strong network, grow relationships with clients, hone your personal brand, and showcase your skills to get ahead.

Without the right game plan you could easily disappear and erode all the great work you have done to grow your career and build meaningful relationships when others are evaluating your work performance and capabilities to serve their needs or business objectives.

This interactive, insightful, and engaging webinar, presentation and workshop teaches participants how to optimize engagement when working remotely and how to manage your virtual brand to advance your career and build relationships that grow business results.

Attendees learn how to stay engaged and to be strategic and efficient in virtual communications. Learn additional tools to stay motivated, gain rapport, avoid screen fatigue, and the importance of being present in virtual meetings to establish trust and build connection. Kaplan teaches participants how to master virtual engagement to build a brand through competency, consistency, personality, and contribution.

Participants learn how to leverage technology to build rapport as you manage your work performance and drive business growth.

Innovative thinking generates inspiration, leading to real results. But knowing why and how to innovate isn’t always instinctive, and unconventional approaches aren’t always embraced.

In this interactive, engaging and highly entertaining presentation Kaplan Mobray
shines a light on the techniques, strategies, and skills you can apply to foster innovation and process improvement in your organization. Learn how to become a
creative thought starter who adds value, impacts leadership, and contributes to the
drive toward enterprise-wide excellence. Participants will explore new ways to solve
problems, expand business opportunities, boost productivity, and leave with tools to
become passionate about driving continuous improvement.

Unfortunately, in today’s volatile economic climate no job is ever 100% secure. Layoffs, Right-sizing, Downsizing, Reductions in Force (RIFs) have become standard operating procedure for many companies. It is inevitable that at some point in your career you will be introduced to the word or experience called “layoffs”. And it often
doesn’t matter how good you are at your job; how hard you work or even if you were
just promoted. When layoffs hit, often the difference between who stays and who
goes comes down to two critical factors in one’s career journey.

  1. How well have you navigated your
    organizations political landscape?
  2. The strength of your network to insulate
    you with opportunities or endorsement when
    times get tough?

Over 60% of employees who rate their job performance as “favorable” rate the
strength of their network as “poor”. This means that even if you are doing a great
job. If you are not connected to sources that will advocate for you when you are not in
the room, you become more susceptible to layoffs when downsizing occurs.
This workshop teaches you how to build a strategic network within your organization
and how to use this leadership skill to navigate the political landscape to advance your career and build your brand. Participants leave with a powerful navigation tool to optimize the relationship quality of their connections with team members, clients and stakeholders and learn tools to expand their value across the enterprise.

When you master your network as you increase your technical capabilities you typically grow your business, increase your tenure in your role, advance faster in your
organization, survive job cuts, get promoted to higher level positions and enjoy more career success.

Hailed as a life-changing session. This presentation will radically transform how you manage your interactions, work performance and relationships to become more savvy in navigating the politics of success.


“Kaplan’s 10th K- know why you are doing what you are doing today and how it will affect where you are headed tomorrow changed my life. At the time I was heartbroken and lost in my career. After hearing his speech and speaking with Kaplan, I refocused my efforts, healed my heart and launched three companies.”

— My Harvest Field

“Wow! What an experience. Your presentation on the 10K’s of Personal Branding was phenomenal. Even after you left, we could not stop singing your praises on such a job well done.”

— O'Connor

“Kaplan’s course provides useful tools to review one’s life and how we engage in being more productive leaders.”

— Fortune 500 Enterprise, IT Senior Executive
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