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Former Editor-In-Chief of Cosmopolitan & New York Times Bestselling Author

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Kate White

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Being fearless and gutsier doesn’t solve the systemic bias in the workplace, but since the playing field won’t be equal anytime soon, give yourself a powerful edge by daring to be bolder. I’ve spoken to thousands of women on this topic at events across the country and have heard fantastic feedback from individual women on how it positively impacted their careers.

Key Takeaways

-Learn how being fearless and gutsier isn’t about changing who you are but simply tapping into your natural instincts
-Discover the flaw in trying to be a hundred percent ready
-Recognize the role “imposter syndrome” plays in killing confidence and finally get beyond it
-Come away with a unique, tested strategy (called “the 4 B’s”) for crafting bold, disruptive ideas that get you noticed and promoted
-Find out the gutsy “ask” strategy that always gets results
-Discover why asking for opportunities is as important as asking for money—and how to create them when they’re not there

When I was the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine, the first question I was asked after every keynote I gave was, “How do you do it?” Because I not only successfully ran the #1 magazine brand in the world, increasing circulation by 30 percent during my tenure, but I also wrote a New York Times bestselling suspense novel every year, and raised two children with my husband. I love to share the productivity habit that made all the difference for me. And can work for anyone.

Key Takeaways

-The best time management trick to start your day with
-The biggest creativity suck I see people giving into again and again
-The unique scheduling challenge women face and how to meet it brilliantly

Sometimes it’s restlessness that makes us feel the urge to reinvent our careers and/or our lives. At other times, that need is forced upon us. Six years ago I totally reinvented my career –from Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief to bestselling author of murder mysteries and psychological thrillers–and I love sharing the secrets I discovered that can work brilliantly for anyone eager to hit refresh or totally reinvent.

Key Takeaways

-Find out how to break through the fear that results when you’re facing the need for change
-Discover the surprising 3-step process for deciding what your next act should be
-Recognize the most common mistake women make when they begin to reinvent
-Learn the gutsy, contrary-to-the-rules way to launch your new plan into action despite roadblocks (some of which you may be inadvertently creating yourself)
-Understand the importance of allowing yourself to be “brand new” again

Key Takeaways

Gain clarity on why there’s a danger in always waiting for the perfect moment
Learn now to stop listening to the little voice in your head that may be holding you back
See how envy, yes envy, can be a powerful motivator when you’re feeling stuck
Discover a new metric for assessing how ready you really are
Be introduced to a simple strategy that allows you to aim and fire

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