Ken Gronbach

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Nationally recognized author, expert, and futurist in the field of Demography and Generational Marketing

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Ken Gronbach
Ken Gronbach

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Generation Y will be 100 million strong.
A. Unprecedented influence on consumer spending
B. Go Green or go home
C. Never underestimate social networking
D. Why there is a media mix mystery for Generation Y
E. The secret of snail mail
F. Plumage and the return of fashion

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the bloom is off the rose for Boomer spending.
1. Consumption in freefall
2. Where will the remaining Boomer dollars go?
3. What is left of the largest inheritance in the history of the world?

The US Census put the number of immigrants in the US at over forty million in August 2008
1. How do they consume and what are they buying?
2. Branding Latinos with conventional media, especially radio.
3. Rapid assimilation into US culture
4. Career advancement and the American Dream

There are five new housing markets in the US.
1. The shattering of the glass ceiling and the new woman CEO
2. The new very young Generation Y entrepreneur
3. Latino and African American middle management
4. The exodus from the city

There are five generations of consumers in the US. Reaching them is a science.
1. Defining your audience
2. Creating creative that matches your target
3. Picking the correct media
4. The pitfalls of the web

Come explore the common sense, easy to understand, counter-intuitive and
very fascinating realm of demography. Let Ken bring you into his world of
counting people and accurately forecasting future markets. What products or
services will fly or die? What nations are demographically doomed? What
countries and continents are demographically positioned to excel? How will work forces change? Where is my best source of talent? Writing a post pandemic strategic plan? You need this information.

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“They definitely should, hes great!”


“We couldnt have been more thrilled with both Ken Gronbach and Ryan Estis! They did their homework and it definitely showed. I had several people come up to me afterward and say how impressed they were that both speakers took the time to get to know the issues facing our profession and understand the challenges they are confronting both in their businesses and in their outreach to client families. Our surveys are not in yet, but I know both Ken and Ryan will receive rave reviews!!

— International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association
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