Kevin Paul Scott

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Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur

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The way we view things changes how we do things. Discover the importance of perspective and how this pivotal principle will unlock and unleash your potential as a leader. In this session, Kevin will help you see things differently for your business, your role, and quite possibly the rest of your life. 

Every choice or “exchange” is a value statement. Exchanges aren’t about choices between good and bad decisions. Those are easy. The most important exchanges are between really good things and even better things. Those are much harder, but they shape our lives in disproportionate ways. In this session, Kevin will share insights into how the most successful leaders make decisions, engage others, and connect with customers and stakeholders.

Businesses are feeling the labor crunch, and many are resorting to short-term tactics and gimmicks that fail to effectively solve this problem. ADDO Co-Founder Kevin Scott will share how a shift in perspective can help your members attract, retain, and develop talent. In this presentation, Kevin unpacks ways his team at ADDO helps companies like Chick-fil-A and Coca-Cola enhance their employer value proposition, create a culture of care, and develop emerging leaders.

Inspiration is the oxygen that fuels organizational success. Inspiration is not abstract. It’s not fluffy. It’s not elusive. It’s not unquantifiable. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite. Inspiration is attainable and measurable, and when harnessed within a business, it produces more engaged employees, more loyal customers, and better results. Kevin is giving a version of this keynote speech this week at the NACS Show in Atlanta.

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