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World-Renowned Professor and NY Times Bestselling Author

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Renee Mauborgne

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Traditional competition-based strategies aren’t enough to sustain high performance. Companies
must tap into the blue ocean of opportunities that will take them beyond competition. That’s what this talk is all about: how to shift perspective, challenge boundaries and inspire people’s confidence so your organization will shift from competing to creating, from cutthroat markets to wide open ones, from red oceans to clear blue ones.
In this talk, Renée Mauborgne lays out a systematic five-step process anyone can use to make the shift. She shares real-life cases of how leaders in diverse industries and sectors moved from red to blue oceans using this process and how you can do it too. You’ll learn what works, what doesn’t, and how to avoid pitfalls along the way so you can succeed on your own blue ocean journey. If you’re ready to seize new growth, inspire confidence and build a compelling future for your company, you need to hear Renée talk about making a Blue Ocean Shift.
You’ll learn first-hand how to:
• MOVE beyond competition and seize new growth opportunities
• GROW through nondisruptive creation
• BUILD people’s confidence to seize new opportunities & change
• SHAPE industry boundaries in your favor

Prospects in most established market spaces—red oceans—are shrinking steadily. Technological
advances have substantially improved industrial productivity, permitting suppliers to produce an
unprecedented array of products and services. The result is that in more and more industries, supply is overtaking demand where companies try to outperform their rivals to grab a greater
share of existing demand.
In this talk, Renée Mauborgne addresses one of the most important issues facing companies,
nonprofits and governments today: how to break out of bloody competition, seize new growth,
and create uncontested market space. She shows you how to shift your perspective to see
opportunities where others only see constraints, and offers practical tools and a proven process
that anyone can apply to create explosive growth.

Disrupt this, disrupt that. Disrupt or die. That has been a popular mantra. But is disruption the only way to create new markets? And is it the best way? Renée Mauborgne says, no. In this talk she talks about why a focus on disruption is limiting and leaves half the opportunities to create new markets and new growth off the table. That other half is what she and her co-author Chan Kim call nondisruptive creation, whereby new markets are created without disrupting an existing one.
Mauborgne shares real-life cases of how leaders in diverse industries and sectors created growth through non-disruptive creation by making a shift from red to blue oceans using the systematic blue ocean shift process.


“It was fantastic to have Renée speak at Curious2018, Merck’s 350 year celebration where over 1,000 of the world’s top scientists including Nobel Prize winners gathered together. As the opening keynote speaker, Renée’s talk on Blue Ocean Shift was absolutely great. Brilliant content, brilliant delivery. Awesome and inspiring. I look forward to working with Renée in the future.”

— Merck Curious2018 Conference Chair

“Renée Mauborgne recently spoke at our Watermark 2018 Innovation Conference. We were beyond thrilled to secure Renée to speak about Blue Ocean Shift. Her talk with simply top notch, with overwhelmingly positive reviews from our 230+ attendees. She was inspirational, genuine, passionate, and focused on actionable strategy. We look forward to hosting her in the future!”

— Watermark Innovation Conference

“As the Vice President and LAMP Chair of GAMA International, my vision for the theme of our LAMP Conference was Blue Ocean, a book I read many years ago that changed my life. I wanted to have Renee as our opening speaker for this conference and I was excited to say the very least, when she accepted our invitation. As soon as I met Renee and had the opportunity to talk with her, I knew this year’s event would be one of, if not the most memorable event we’ve ever held. Renee’s vision and passion that inspired me in the book, was even more powerful as she stood on the main platform in front of 2,500 industry leaders and talked about what “Blue Ocean Shift” meant and how to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. Not only is Renee a global bestselling author, she has a charismatic way of reaching the audience. I would highly recommend her for any event.”

— Vice President and LAMP Chair of GAMA International, the financial services industry’s premier annual meeting

“Our audience on March 23, 2018 loved Renée. Her talk was one of the best I’ve ever heard. It was inspiring and rich in substance with great insight on how to move beyond competing to creating. Everyone left our auditorium ready to shift into clear blue waters.”

— Director, Public Events, The Rotman School of Management

“If you are searching for a engaging speaker with a powerful presentation, look no further than Renee Mauborgne. She is an outstanding speaker who will WOW your audience and leave them wanting more. In this age of disruption, when so many business owners and executives are looking for answers, her stories, research, ideas and presentation is right on the mark. I have hosted numerous speakers over the years including: Steve Forbes, Condolezza Rice, Newt Gingrich and many others – but Renee Mauborgne is among the best, getting rave reviews and always delivering value. We enjoyed having her so much in our city, we hosted her TWICE. She has my highest recommendation.”

— Chairman & Publisher, Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
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