Keynote Speaker Feature: New Year’s Resolution by The Singing Scientist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

Posted by Alexis Washington

When I think about resolutions, or any form of behavioral change, I automatically consider the neuro-circuitry underlying the idea, the implementation of the new behavior, and the long-term commitment necessary for that behavior to become a habit. As a society, we are at an unprecedented time in the history of mankind, whereby we have the ability to consciously direct our own evolution by paying attention to what’s going on inside our heads. The better we understand how to communicate with our own brain, the more successful we can be in not only living our lives in a more joyful way, but in learning how to take responsibility for what we bring into the workspace and how that energy contributes to the overall success, or lack of success, of the team.

Every ability we have is the product of cells that perform that function. Cells communicate with cells in circuits, and whether we are running a thinking loop, an emotional loop or a physiological loop, all loops have a natural lifespan of less than 90 seconds. By paying attention to what is going on inside our own heads is the first step in gaining emotional freedom. First, I understand that I am neuro-circuitry. Second, I have a choice in how easily my emotional circuitry is triggered; and third, when I take responsibility for what is going on in my own mind, I can take responsibility for the energy and attitude I bring to every circumstance of my life. That, in my definition, spells true freedom and results in a curious and compassionate cooperation.

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Posted by Alexis Washington
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