Keynote Speaker Feature: Work Her Way by Barbara Corcoran

Posted by Alexis Washington

Women grapple with how to carry themselves in business, particularly when we’re swimming in a Shark Tank of men.  How do you strike the perfect tone?  What advice can you share with career women about how to play – and win – against the “big boys”?

I’ve found that being a woman in a man’s world can be a big advantage, as you already stand out from the crowd!  That being said, here are the seven rules I’ve learned to sink or swim by:

#1 Find your voice and use it!  It takes a lot more to get heard when you’re not the one in charge.  I’ve had to learn to shout on Shark Tank on ABC.

#2 Know when to stay quiet.  It may seem contradictory to rule #1, but never underestimate the power of laying back and listening first.  You’ll gain a wealth of information when you let the other guy do the talking.

#3 Always trust your gut.  I ignored my gut on two of the businesses I invested in on Shark Tank, and it cost me a lot of money.

#4 Do your homework.  No one can win the argument with a person who’s over-prepared.

#5 Dress the part.  From the first god-awful coat I bought with my very first paycheck for $320 to my all-black power suits on Shark Tank, I intentionally dress to create the image I want people to see.  It’s always a little better than who I am, and that puts out an image I have to live up to.  The best money spent in business is on the things that create an image of success.

#6 Hire the right people.  Always choose attitude over experience!  People with a can-do attitude are a pleasure to work with.  They’re willing to learn, eager to try, and always find the solution to what they don’t already know.

#7 Know you have the right to be there.  If you’re waiting for an invitation in, you’ll wait forever.  And the hardest part of any business challenge is walking through the door.

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Posted by Alexis Washington
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