Keynote Speaker & Tech Expert, Beth Ziesenis has 5 Tips for a Productive Flight

Posted by Alexis Washington

Bethbeth z Ziesenis, also known as “Your Nerdy Best Friend”, is a technology consultant, author and professional speaker. With recent talks of a potential laptop travel ban in flights, Beth was interviewed by INC. to give her advice on how professionals can remain productive without their laptops on a plane.

So what’s her hack? Your smartphone! 

According to Beth, a phone will never replace a laptop, but it can be useful for responding to emails, writing documents or planning schedules.

Check out Beth’s five tips to see how you can make the most out of your phone:

1. Use a bigger phone

If you travel on a regular basis, it will be useful to have a phone with a bigger screen. This is going to be a replacement for your laptop, so the less stress on your eyes, the better!

2. Try a Bluetooth keyboard

A bluetooth keyboard can connect to almost any device, and it will mimic the feel of a laptop when you want to type long documents. And for late night flights, most keyboards have a backlight so you can comfortably see in a dark cabin.

3. Use a phone stand

This works perfectly with tip #2! The pull down tray is a great place to set up your phone stand and it makes the bluetooth keyboard easier to use. Many phone cases are made with built-in stands, which takes up even less space.

4. Get a backup battery source

With Beth’s method, you’re phone will be running more apps and lose battery faster. But an external battery pack can help your phone last throughout a flight, just in case your seat doesn’t include a charger port.

5. Plan ahead

This final tip is the key to making the most of your phone. According to Beth, you have to pay attention to the small features. For example, checking if your apps allow you to work offline or sync to other devices, lets you know how functional they will be in-flight.


Get more expert technology advice and tips for social media marketing in Beth’s video below:



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Posted by Alexis Washington
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