March Madness for Keynote Speakers and Entertainers: Who’s Offering New Material for Events?

Posted by Sheldon Senek

Today we’re spotlighting speakers and entertainer’s new material for you events: Relevant topics and new videos of inspirational speakers, content-driven experts, and entertainment that will leave your attendees rolling with laughter or magically amazed.

Speakers who Inspire.

Keynote Speaker Rory Vaden

Lets talk overachievers. At the age of 23, Rory Vaden received his MBA from University of Denver. At 22, while still an undergrad, Rory built a half-a-million-dollar book sales business. He personally recruited, trained, and motivated nearly 60 college students to work more than 80 hours per week during their summer break.

His motivational and achievement driven presentation, “Take The Stairs: Success Means Doing Things You Don’t Want to Do,” will energize and compel your clients and staff. Watch it here.

Motivational Speaker Chris Waddell

“You will be moved,” after witnessing the strength and resiliency of Olympic Gold Medalist and Paralympian, Chris Waddell. After 1988 a ski accident left him paralyzed from the waist down, Chris never gave up, and if you hear him speak, neither will you.

Chris Waddell’s topics include motivation, overcoming adversity, Olympians, achievement, disability issues and track and field. Watch his video “ One Revolution”  here.

Speakers who Educate.

While you’re on the site, don’t forget to check out these recently updated business speaker videos; Thomas Koulopolous and Jack Sims.

Business Speaker Thomas Koulopoulos

Founder of Delphi Group, a widely respected advisory services firm and Strategic Business Advisor and Technology Market Maker, Thomas Koulopolous’ latest video shows exactly why he’s a great choice for your business engagement. Tom’s topics include creativity, innovation, globalization, marketing, strategic planning, technology, and futurist projections.

His latest keynote video can be viewed here.

Keynote Speaker and Business Strategist Jack Sims

Complete the business strategy keynote speaker one-two with a video posted by Jack Sims; Founder and CEO of the #1 ranked Marketing and Promotion agency in the U.S. Jack’s brilliant strategy, marketing and branding expertise have been sought after by companies like Polaroid, British Airways, Burger King, and General Foods.

Jack is a perfect keynote speaker for the following groups: marketing, branding and advertising, and business.
Watch Jacks’ new keynote video “How to Seriously WIN at Business & Golf” here.


Magician and Comic Jay Alexander

If entertainment is the goal, Eagles Talent has the corporate entertainers that are sure to make your next business event Magical!
 Jay Alexander is a master magician and comic. His illusions are amazing and will dazzle any audience. Jay designs his act to the clients wants and needs, and, he never fails to deliver.

Watch Jay’s fantastic illusions video here, and see him baffle hundreds at San Francisco’s City Hall.

Political Humorists The Capitol Steps

No tricks up your sleeve? Well, the musical, political satire of The Capitol Steps is a great way to entertain. The Capitol Steps are a legendary troupe of Congressional staffers-turned-comedians that update their material regularly and never have a shortage of timely political humor. The Capitol Steps are a top-notch revue & variety show that has performed for the past five presidents.

Watch them here.

Bee Gees tribute band Stayin' Alive

Who can forget the incredible music of The Bee Gees? With their record-breaking career surpassing 40 years, The Bee Gees have sold more than 100 million albums and have had their material covered by Greats like Elvis Presley, Al Green and Janice Joplin. 
Today the Canadian super group “Stayin’ Alive” carries on The Bee Gees musical greatness.

Their latest video “A Tribute To The Bee Gees” is now here and really shows the band in full swing.

With a speaker line up like this your organization’s event will be a highly entertaining and a productive educational experience. Book one of our talented entertainers or performance troupes to show your people how much you appreciate them. Or, boost sales and motivate with a business strategist, marketing, motivational or entrepreneurship specialist.

To bring a keynote speaker or entertainer to your next event, visit our ‘Contact Us’ page or call us at 1-800-345-5607.




Posted by Sheldon Senek
Sheldon Senek is the President of Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau and writes about expert keynote speakers and Motivational Speakers, as well as tips for corporate meeting planners.

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