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Best Selling Author & CEO of Landmark Makers

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Klyn Elsbury

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How is it that we have never before had such abundance in the world and yet we feel like we have no hope and that adversity will destroy us?

The client doesn’t buy, a health setback occurs, a relationship with a loved one is tense, our business or career is in shambles…

We are mentally programmed to give up or be upset, not necessarily because our lives are so tough but because we haven’t learned the strategies and tactics to persevere when the odds are against us.

In this raw, inspiring keynote Klyn explains how growing up within hospital walls due to complications of cystic fibrosis actually was the most advantageous thing to ever happen for it showed her a clear sense of purpose for her life.

These principals, strategies and tactics explained in this incredibly emotional, heart felt presentation is something that can be applicable to anyone fighting to thrive in their business, their career, family, or even their life.

This keynote is highly recommended for those looking to turn extreme adversities to an advantage.

What will your team learn?
·       The 3 Ways Adversity Can Define You
·       How to Deploy Simple yet Little Known Solutions to Create a Purposeful and Happy Life
·       Tactical Strategies for Lasting Motivation

​Get ready to approach every hurdle and learn how to use adversity as an advantage and how to turn setbacks into comebacks…after all…it doesn’t matter if you’re wondering if you can survive the night or the next market crash- there’s always a way to turn a trial into a triumph!

Continual research proves that our life circumstances, genetics, and economic situation affect our sense of well being far less than previously believed. In fact, there are many simple daily practices and key insights that will make our life more enjoyable and fulfilling that go well beyond the  “positive thinking” approach.

Klyn Elsbury shares cutting edge research and scientifically proven practices that determine our level of happiness and fulfillment (and how you can apply it to your career or company for immediate results)!

Your Team Will Learn:
·       4 principles that create lasting happiness and fulfillment
·       3 primary types of happiness and how to integrate them into daily habits
·       How to maximize internal joy regardless of external circumstances
·       What it takes to strengthen connections and build lasting relationships​
·       Easily implementable secrets to overcoming doubt and fear in an instant!

Get ready to learn the most effective, proven practices that alter our mental circuitry to create a heightened sense of fulfillment and happiness.  From that state, you can close more deals, build a higher performing team, and tap into an endless stream of energy!

All too often as an organization grows, it loses the “secret” that made it grow.  Sales start to decline, employee morale starts to suffer, and executive are left shaking their heads at what to do next and how to get back on track.

That doesn’t need to be the case. This is avoidable, and is really due to a lack of a system and process designed around their social media strategies.

Klyn Elsbury has been teaching companies how to leverage social media to attract paying leads that convert to happy customers.

The material is delivered in easily implementable ideas to grow immediately.

Your Team Will Learn How to Grow & Monetize
·      Linkedin
·      Instagram
·      Facebook
·      And much, much more

Get ready for fast-paced, street-proven strategies that result in a higher closing percentage and the most fun you’ve ever had with marketing! One company increased closing percentages by 71% after this presentation!

Klyn has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and executive teams over the past ten years, and here are some of the “best of the best” ideas that are working for influencers that will work for you also!


“Klyn’s keynote and training has helped my team increase their closing percentage by over 71%”

— Jeff, CEO Internet Marketing Company
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