Laura Schwartz Opens Up About Equal Pay in Q&A in Today’s Society

Posted by Alexis Washington

It’s very rare today to turn on the news and not hear debates concerning equal pay in the workplace. That is because today, women still make about $0.77 for every dollar a man makes, regardless of the fact that they do the same job and have the same experience. People all around the nation have begun speaking up about this issue. In our Q&A, Motivational Speaker and Former White House Director of Events Laura Schwartz offers her take on the matter.

mpi_schwartz1Q: From the Sony hack leaks to the Academy Awards, there has been a lot of discussion on women receiving equal pay. As a successful business minded woman — how would you suggest women should go about overcoming this inequality? And where do you think (or hope) businesswomen will be in 50 years from now

A: It is indisputable that women must be present in the in the workplace. Women must use their strength and that of those that have come before them and will long after, to ask questions of the people in charge and stand up for their rights. If you feel you deserve something—make sure you have backup paperwork to prove your value. We must show that we are as good or better at what we do in comparison to a man working along side of us. We must encourage women to study for jobs that are usually held by men specifically in the areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Today’s women are well learned, well traveled and able to speak with conviction. 

I believe in the future, equality will be more evident and we will be the ones who will make it that way.

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Posted by Alexis Washington
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