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Cancer Survivor Sparking the C.A.R.E. Effect Movement

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Lee Tomlinson
Lee Tomlinson – TEDxLilly

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The Naked Truth about Compassion Is Revealed: A Return to the “Heart” of Healing
Compassionate care significantly improves the mental, physical and emotional well-being of both patients and healthcare professionals. In this content-rich and powerful program, audiences learn the immense benefits of compassionate care not only to heal and relieve patient suffering, but to also nurture and invigorate the healthcare professionals who provide the care. The session also reveals the devastating impact of care lacking in compassion. The major focus of the program is on six simple tools that can be immediately implemented to dramatically enhance compassionate care. Providing compassionate care to all patients all the time benefits the patient, the organization and you! Patient care will be revitalized and you will feel happier, healthier, and more engaged!

Medical professional “burnout” has reached epidemic proportions. Physicians have the highest suicide rate of any profession in America. Nurses are the second most “unhappy” profession. The most common reason? A severe lack of self-care and self-love. In this presentation, attendees will learn firsthand the destructive impact of burnout and the lack of self-care on their precious patients. Being mentally, emotionally and physically healthy is not selfish or narcissistic; it is a necessity! You will learn practical methods to avoid compassion fatigue, become healthier and happier, and learn how to love yourself enough so you can be your best, most compassionate self with your patients.

The benefits of being treated and working in a compassionate environment are immense and scientifically proven for both patients and medical professionals. While medicine for most is a “calling” unless their hospital or practice is profitable, there will be no place for medical professionals to serve. As Mother Theresa so elegantly said: “No money, no mission.” This Keynote demonstrates how compassion is not only the best medicine for patients and professionals, but also the single best way to cost-effectively achieve and maintain profitability.

The Blessings of Cancer? Recapturing What Really Matters in Life
This program is designed specifically for “Cancer Survivor Celebrations.” During these very special events Lee engages his fellow survivors, family caregivers and medical professionals with tales of how his life was profoundly enhanced by his cancer battle, and gets the audience in touch with how their lives have been as well. This fun, uplifting and inspirational program will help you and your audience see their lives in a profoundly different way and celebrate the extraordinary gift we call “life.”

Get a customer. Retain a customer. Heal the World.
Booz & Co. said: “Customer service is the key driver of differentiation In an overcrowded market.” The enormous physical and mental/emotional benefits of compassionate patient-centered care aka bedside manner aka medical customer service, is unequivocal. In non-medical businesses, those benefits still apply and have also been proven to increase customer retention, improve one’s corporate image, attract new customers and decrease customer complaints. In this presentation Lee combines his vast customer service and medical experiences to entertainingly reveal how simple, tiny acts of kindness in a business-to-consumer interaction deliver all of the “differentiating” benefits of great customer service to the fore.


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Lee was our keynote speaker at our two Skills Fairs for over 124 nurses from four peri-operative units at UCLA Medical Center. Lee was brilliant. The nurses were deeply moved, inspired and learned practical ways to provide even more compassionate care for their patients and more importantly themselves. Book him. You, your staff, your hospital and your patients will all benefit.”

— Catherine Gabster MSN, RN, CNL, CNS. Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
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