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Liz Brunner – Sizzle Reel
Liz Brunner – Keynote Speech/ Seminar Preview
Diversity Gala Speech
No Knowledge Is Ever Wasted

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You know more than you think you know! No knowledge or experience is ever wasted. Too often we hesitate to step out of our comfort zone to create our next chapter because we don’t know how, we are afraid or we are unsure of how to connect the themes and patterns of our lives. What would any of us do if we didn’t allow fear to stop us?

Liz Brunner’s motivational message will guide you to connect the dots of your own life experiences to create your next chapter, personally or professionally, for intentional impact. Liz’s inspirational career journey from classroom to newsroom to boardroom to the stage as a keynote speaker will motivate you to discover what themes exist in your own journey, how to connect those dots, and how to break any patterns that may be holding you back from following your destiny and living your best life.

Every day, we are bombarded with “information overload!” What cuts through the noise and captures people’s attention is powerful storytelling. Each and every person, no matter what profession or industry, needs to exude confidence, presence, and communicate effectively.

As an Emmy award-winning journalist, podcast host and expert storyteller, Liz Brunner will teach your audience her practical and proven communication tips and storytelling techniques, energizing them to connect and engage more authentically with their customers, clients and colleagues in a way that resonates and gets results immediately. By incorporating “Liz’s 4 C’s,” – Confidence, Content, Clarity and Conversational – for any presentation, pitch, or speech, and her innovative “Brunner Methodology for Practicing,” your audience will learn how to craft their story, the science behind why storytelling works, why it matters, and how to be seen and heard as they intend with confidence, presence and command.*

(*refers to Keynote that can also be a seminar)

No one is born knowing how to be a leader. We learn how to be a leader. With so much uncertainty in the world, leaders face challenges and complexities requiring a renewed commitment to flexibility, resilience and innovation. As a sought after best-selling self- development author, leader, and keynote speaker, Liz Brunner offers guidance that will inspire audience members to unleash the leader within and invite others to refine their own leadership skills.

Your audience will learn how to have influence, what it takes to be an authentic leader, the difference between being a manager and a leader, and how to discover their leadership philosophy for stronger teams, effective decision-making and long lasting impact *

(* refers to Keynote that can also be a seminar)


“If you have an opportunity to feature a speaker, you will be thrilled if you choose Liz!”

— The Boston Club

“You’re truly a gifted public speaker and the highlight of our Annual Meeting. With 120 business leaders in the room, you captivated us all with your personal stories and thought-provoking insights.”

— Corridor 9/495 Regional Chamber of Commerce

“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation….and I was thrilled to receive your book, which I found inspiring. It really resonated with me. I could connect to many of the experiences you detailed and your sentiments and positive outlook motivated me.”

— Managing Director

“Your keynote speech was incredibly inspiring. I loved how you said no knowledge is ever wasted and to give yourself permission to be authentic. It was great to hear more about your career journey and I know it was very meaningful for the audience…”

— Boston Chamber of Commerce

“Liz connected with every woman in the room. She was engaging and funny, as well as straightforward and honest about the risks, obstacles, and lessons she has learned along her life’s journey. She clearly knew her audience and her stories and lessons really resonated with everyone in the room…”

— Institution for Savings

“Everyone was enthralled with your presentation!…your approach is inspirational!”

— Managing Principal, Bay Colony Advisory Group, Inc.
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