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Relating Customer Satisfaction and Employee Morale

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Liz Jazwiec – Eat That Cookie

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In this very personal presentation Liz Jazwiec will reveal the lessons she learned about becoming a leader in difficult times. The participants will benefit from her perspective of healthcare management and what guidance, mentoring and direction is needed from all leaders in order to achieve results even when resources are limited. Moving from thinking like a “renter” to owner and eliminating victim thinking at all levels of the organization begins the discussion. Then she swings into the heart of the matter, accountability. Liz’s extraordinary message will touch the leader in all of us as she talks about the difficult subjects of changing behaviors, and managing morale. Using effective tools and her notorious humor, Liz will provide great take-aways on techniques to improve responsibility and effective practices in creating organizational accountability.

Continuous workplace negativity saps the energy out of an organization and distracts everyone from work and productivity. It is not okay to come to work everyday in a bad mood because the job is hard! Liz knows that “if you don’t like your customer, you won’t like your job,” but she also knows what works to improve both! This is the message that Liz Jazwiec will discuss by telling her personal story, laced with her notorious humor and effective tools to manage morale, eliminate victim thinking, and eradicate judging. Using real-life examples from her 25 plus years in healthcare leadership, she will provide a straightforward approach to the connection between customer and staff satisfaction, having fun at work and choosing to be happy.

We all know that leadership is everywhere…up, down and all-around! But how do we develop those winning behaviors of superior leaders in our organization? Liz gives real-life examples on becoming an effective leader, both on a horizontal level within our departments as well as vertically within the organization. Finding passion in leadership begins the discussion. She includes a heart to heart discussion the some of the toughest topics including dealing with difficult employees and driving out negativity. You will recognize her trademark practical suggestions on building strong teams through responsibility, results and recognition. Her lessons on how to “like leadership” will conclude with an entertaining discussion of leader’s survival skills with a reminder to be kind to ourselves. Everyone from the most seasoned executive to the newly appointed supervisor will benefit from Liz’s insight on the crucial role all leaders have in crafting a culture of excellence.

Sure, everyone wants to build a culture in which inspired employees create excellent customer experiences as a matter of routine…but how do you do it? Liz moves beyond the “what” and “why” of satisfaction and focuses on creating excellent experiences. She starts the conversation by clearly laying out the difference between quality and service and how they both play an essential role in defining the “experience.” We know that people expect quality but evaluate their experience based on their perceptions. Participants will learn essential techniques of how to manage and enhance the perception of the services they deliver. Liz will then walk you through the steps of connecting improved perceptions to “always” in order to create excellent service experiences.

In this stimulating keynote, Liz reminds all of us of the need to celebrate the work that we do. She describes why it is so important to acknowledge our accomplishments and focus on all the things that are good about healthcare. She will talk about our strength as individuals and our ability to make a difference in people’s lives, and encourage participants to remember that there are many reasons to be proud of our ability to deliver services with care and compassion. Finally, Liz will describe the commitment necessary and some simple strategies to drive out negativity and make the work place better..

In this inspirational key-note, specifically designed to enhance organization’s Nurse’s week celebrations, Liz reminds all of us of the power of nursing. She talks about our strength as individuals and as a profession to make a difference in people’s lives. She will describe the commitment necessary to make work a better place for you. And finally Liz will encourage all of us to celebrate the compassion amongst all of us and to focus on all the things that are great about nursing.

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