What Management Needs to Know About Stress

Posted by Ari Frangias

workplace stress


A recent poll reported by the American Institute of Stress revealed that a whopping 80% of American workers experience severe stress at work.


You may be saying to yourself, “that doesn’t seem shocking.” In recent years, work-induced stress has skyrocketed–most likely due to the rise of technology and the never-ending workday. As a manager you may be thinking:


“As long as my employees produce work, that’s all that matters. Right?”




Brace yourself for what we are about to share with you. A report conducted by Health Advocate revealed that high levels of stress at work cost companies an estimated $200-$300 billion dollars a year in lost productivity! What’s worse, a million employees miss work every day because of stress–90% of doctor’s visits are linked to stress-related illnesses.


An overworked & over-stressed employee is NOT a productive one.



frustration at work



While stress in the workplace is not completely eradicable, there are some steps that management can take to help reduce work-induced stress among employees.


Encourage Employees to Disconnect Outside of Work.


A rise in technology led to employees being able to work on-the-go with easy access to emails and documents. While, in theory, this should have made working easier, it ultimately led to the current never-ending work day. The 9-5 job as we once knew it no longer exists. More than half of workers believe their employers do not do an adequate job of ensuring a healthy work-life balance.


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However, managers can do their part in encouraging employees to disconnect from their phones and not require work emails to be answered after a certain hour. A healthy work-life balance can lead to an increase in productivity in the workplace.


Make a Conscious Effort to Evenly Distribute Workloads.


70% of employees feel they have too much on their plates. Sometimes the overwhelming feeling from looking at a never-ending to-do list can actually prevent you from accomplishing the tasks. This can also lead to an increase in stress-related sick days. It’s a vicious cycle that is ultimately nothing but counter-productive for your business. Ensure that your teams are appropriately staffed and make a conscious effort to evenly distribute workloads. Your employees will feel less overwhelmed and be more productive.


Be Open and Receptive to Employee Feedback.


Work is hard enough without conflict, so no one wants to feel they are walking onto a battlefield every morning. Employees are less likely to feel stressed when they feel they are supported by management. By being open and receptive to employee feedback, your employees will feel part of a team and not like they are on an island. The feeling of being appreciated and heard will create a positive atmosphere.


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Posted by Ari Frangias

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