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Customer Experience Expert, Branding, Marketing

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How to create customer experiences that inspire loyalty and drive referrals.
According to a study by KPMG, over 80% of consumers consider themselves more brand loyal than they did a year ago. So then why do so many companies claim that loyalty is dead? The truth is that people keep buying from businesses they know and trust. If they buy elsewhere, it’s likely because that trust has been lost.

But there is a way to inspire customers to return and encourage them to become brand champions. All it takes is an understanding of what their expectations are. Then meet those expectations through interactions that are delivered with ease and convenience.

This award winning presentation is for any company that appreciates and values their customers.

During this 60 minute presentation, Marc will share the secrets of what inspires loyalty, how personal experiences influence satisfaction, and why trying to exceed expectations may be a poor use of resources. There will be stories, real world examples, and plenty of humour.

Afterwards, attendees will know:

  • three influencers that impact people’s opinions about brands,
  • the number one reason customers don’t come back – and how to avoid it,
  • the impact of stress on customer loyalty.

This presentation is designed for business owners and teams who manage customer experience strategies. For organizations wanting to make the greatest impact on the experiences they provide, Marc is available for consulting.

Key takeaways:

  • How to deliver experiences that are easy and stress free – for both customers and staff
  • Discover the easiest way to win your customer’s loyalty without having to WOW them
  • Why your competitor’s unhappy customers may not want to leave – and how to win them over
  • Learn easy techniques to deliver experiences that inspire loyalty and drive referrals

The best ways to deal with unhappy customers and create happy relationships.
It has been said that the true test of a relationship happens when things go wrong. For companies, it’s when a customer is unhappy. And how they deal with it will impact not only whether that customer stays, but how they share their experi- ences with their community.

Studies by American Express and Microsoft show that 60 percent of consumers believe businesses are becoming less focused on customer service. Yet 96 percent of consumers say customer service is an important factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand. Are businesses not listening or just not caring?

Customers are no longer shrugging off bad service. They believe they have the right to expect problems to be dealt with properly. And for smart companies this is a great opportunity. Studies have shown that customers who receive prompt and attentive care are 70 percent more likely to purchase from that company again, even if the outcome was not what they had originally hoped for.

In this presentation, Marc focuses on the art and science of dealing with unhappy customers. And, how to handle their issues – rational or otherwise – by offering practical solutions that make them feel valued and appreciated. He will also share strategies to deflate any emotional situation while guiding the customer towards a mutually beneficial outcome.

Afterwards, attendees will know:

  • the difference between customer service and customer experience,
  • why some companies are focused on providing terrible customer service,
  • the true purpose of customer service and how to strategize it, • why letting staff become emotional is not always a bad thing

Delivered with Marc’s high energy style, this presentation is designed for management, customer service staff, and anyone that has to deal with unhappy customers.

Key takeaways

  • How to avoid the pitfalls that cause most companies to fail at customer service
  • The three goals that any successful customer service program must accomplish
  • Discover what your customers really want from you when they have a problem
  • Strategies to keep your staff sane and customers happy

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“We could not have been more happy with Marc as our opening keynote speaker at CX Week Canada. Our audience of customer experience professionals were “totally wowed” with both his content and presentation style. He introduced new ideas in a way that was clear and entertaining. And his positive energy set the tone for the rest of the day.”

— CX Week Canada

“Marc was totally on from the second they announced his name. His energy was non-stop and had the audience laughing throughout. His stories held our interest and his examples were relevant and timely. I was so entertained that I didn’t even realize I was learning. Every conference needs Marc Gordon on their stage.”

— Tourism London

“Marc’s post presentation One-to-One session was a huge hit with our attendees. He stayed well beyond his scheduled time in order to make sure every person got to speak with him. The feedback we received was amazing with some participants saying it was the most valuable part of the event.”

— Constant Contact

“I very much appreciate your contribution and the massive value you added to our event. You were humble, thought provoking, and full of huge positive energy. Everyone loved you. You are a man of integrity and wisdom. Thank you for being all that you were.”

— World Business Forum, Iran

“Marc was a welcome addition to our discussion and panel on the customer experience.  He was well informed and had a clear understanding of our goals, and his examples were clear and relevant.  He was personable and his stories were real and heartfelt.  We’ve received great response from our colleagues on what he shared with us.”

— Mondelez International
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