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Customer Experience Expert, Branding, Marketing

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Customer expectations are changing faster than ever before. Marketing, social media, technology and cultural trends are shaping people’s beliefs and values, which can often lead to a sense of entitlement. This situation can make it difficult for any business to consistently deliver quality service. And for those that try, the result is often higher transaction costs, stressed out staff, and disappointed customers.

However, there is a way to deliver experiences that are easy to manage and cost effective, while successfully building customer trust and loyalty.

During this presentation, Marc will share the secrets of what it takes to keep customers coming back. Best of all, how to do it without the time and effort of “wowing” your customers.

Combining the science of human behaviour and best business practices, Marc shares personal stories, and real-world examples to provide you with the skills and techniques to create manageable processes that deliver fulfilling customer experiences.

This presentation is designed for executives and teams who manage customer experience strategies. For organizations ready to make the greatest impact on the experiences they provide, Marc is also available for consulting.


  • Learn the three most powerful influencers that impact expectations, and how to use them to more effectively engage with customers
  • Find out the single easiest way to deliver experiences that keep customer coming back
  • Discover why your competitor’s unhappy customers may be reluctant to leave, and how you can effectively welcome them
  • Understand the factors that drive loyalty – hint: they don’t involve exceeding expectations
  • Learn simple methods to keeping customers while at the same time attracting new ones
  • Discover how being honest with your customers can sometimes be the worst thing – for both you and them
  • Learn how virtually every employee in your company is strengthening or weakening your customer relationships, and what you can do about it

No matter how much you try, sometimes things won’t go right.And this can result in an unhappy customer.Dealing with unhappy customers is when an organization shows their true character. This comes from a combination of company culture, employee empowerment, and predefined policies.

Some companies will do whatever it takes to make the situation right for the customer, regardless of cost or resources. Other companies will become passive, choosing to hide behind policies or pass the customer off to various departments. And then there are those companies that just don’t care. So which approach is the right one?

In this presentation, Marc explores and debunks the myths of customer service. How far should you go to keep a customer happy? What would be considered an ideal outcome? Should every customer be
treated the same? You’ll learn the art and science of dealing with unhappy customers from any industry. And, how to handle their issues – rational or otherwise ¬– by offering practical, manageable solutions that lead to a mutually beneficial outcome. Marc will also share strategies to deflate emotional situations and keep everyone focused on the solution rather than the problem.

Delivered with Marc’s high energy style, this presentation is designed for management, customer service


  • Discover who the most important person is in the conversation, and how you can leverage that for a
    better outcome
  • Learn how to avoid common pitfalls that result in employees getting stressed and customers leaving angry
  • Find out why apologizing to the customer may be the worst thing you can do, and what they really want to hear from you
  • Learn how to keep your emotions in check, even when the customer can’t
  • Discover the three goals any successful customer service program must accomplish
  • Find out why being contacted by an unhappy customer can be the best thing for your company, and how to leverage that for greater success
  • Learn ways to identify and prevent recurring customer service issues


“We could not have been more happy with Marc as our opening keynote speaker at CX Week Canada. Our audience of customer experience professionals were “totally wowed” with both his content and presentation style. He introduced new ideas in a way that was clear and entertaining. And his positive energy set the tone for the rest of the day.”

— CX Week Canada

“Marc was totally on from the second they announced his name. His energy was non-stop and had the audience laughing throughout. His stories held our interest and his examples were relevant and timely. I was so entertained that I didn’t even realize I was learning. Every conference needs Marc Gordon on their stage.”

— Tourism London

“Marc’s post presentation One-to-One session was a huge hit with our attendees. He stayed well beyond his scheduled time in order to make sure every person got to speak with him. The feedback we received was amazing with some participants saying it was the most valuable part of the event.”

— Constant Contact

“I very much appreciate your contribution and the massive value you added to our event. You were humble, thought provoking, and full of huge positive energy. Everyone loved you. You are a man of integrity and wisdom. Thank you for being all that you were.”

— World Business Forum, Iran

“Marc was a welcome addition to our discussion and panel on the customer experience.  He was well informed and had a clear understanding of our goals, and his examples were clear and relevant.  He was personable and his stories were real and heartfelt.  We’ve received great response from our colleagues on what he shared with us.”

— Mondelez International
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