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America's Coach on Game Plan Selling

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Marc Wayshak – Motivational Speaker

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Information is available instantaneously for prospects today. Together with the current dynamic pace of business change, this has transformed the way prospects behave. In turn, everything has shifted for sales. Today’s environment presents a profound opportunity to sharply increase sales—but only for salespeople who implement the right approach.

In this data-driven keynote program, Marc teaches the exact solution-based strategy, step-by-step daily plan, and repeatable sales process to consistently close deals with well-informed prospects. This is high-velocity solution selling. And salespeople who are not selling at high-velocity right now are effectively moving backward.

In this hands-on motivational training, participants will:

  • Learn how to emulate the three traits shared by all top-performing solution sellers.
  • Get a step-by-step guide on standing out from their top sales competition.
  • Learn Marc’s counterintuitive strategy for creating trust, building value, and avoiding prospects’ defenses.
  • Create brand-new sales opportunities without resorting to salesy, outdated selling techniques.

Key program takeaways include:

  • Tactical ideas for maximizing sales in real-world scenarios.
  • Ready-to-use scripts for participants to use in their own sales conversations.
  • Easy-to-follow sales process that can be implemented right away.

Marc’s keynote approach:

  • High-energy, tactical, and engaging facilitation.
  • Anchors learning through entertainment and play.
  • Utilizes PowerPoint to tap into different learning modalities.
  • Realistic role plays to help participants absorb by doing.
  • Sales scenarios that are fully customized for each group.

Pre-Event Personalization includes:

  • Speaking with sales team participants to firmly grasp their key challenges and understand the audience’s perspective.
  • Conversations with the management team to identify the most pressing issues facing the sales team.
  • Analyzing all relevant available data on current strategies for marketing and selling.

What does it take to build a high-velocity sales organization? As Marc shares in this groundbreaking program, today’s top-performing companies achieve high-velocity sales by implementing a formal sales process that actively fosters a superstar sales culture.

It’s no longer enough just to keep salespeople well-paid and motivated. In today’s dynamic market, companies must also establish a clear but diversified sales strategy, an ongoing process for attracting top talent, and clear accountability metrics.

In this keynote program, participants will learn how to:

  • Attract, hire, and motivate A-player salespeople.
  • Use and teach a powerful system to stand out from the competition.
  • Increase the prospecting output of their existing sales team.
  • Develop key accountability metrics to ensure the success of their sales team.

Audiences will walk away with tangible strategies for:

  • Closing more sales than ever before.
  • Increasing their average sale’s transaction size.
  • Selling more frequently to current clients.
  • Developing a specific strategy to achieve sales goals.

Everything has changed for salespeople over the past few years. In today’s hyper-connected world, where prospects can easily find information on products and services, salespeople must adapt or face the consequences.

Prospects no longer want or need the old-school approach to selling—that is, a persuasive and enthusiastic pitch for a product. The same goes for prospecting techniques, which must change to fit the way prospects are conducting business today.

Marc’s Sales Strategy Speech Will Help Your Association Members Double Sales

The game of selling has changed completely in recent years—not only for those in the field, but also for those managing and developing organizations.

If management doesn’t provide an aggressive, balanced strategy for sales growth, then organizations will fail in today’s ultra-competitive economy.

This means that many of those at the top of the corporate ladder will find themselves thrust back into a selling role. From identifying an effective strategy to finding strong sales opportunities, company leaders must cultivate a robust selling environment to increase sales in a meaningful way.

Give Your Members the Tools to Grow: Bring a Sales Management Speaker to Your Next Meeting!
Developing a championship sales team used to be relatively simple. As long as you kept your salespeople motivated and well-paid, you were good to go. But in today’s highly dynamic market, companies must now develop a formal process to create a highly effective sales team.


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