Marcus Buckingham

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Authority on Employee Productivity, Management, and Leadership

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Marcus Buckingham – 10 Years of Strengths

4 Programs By This Presenter

What the best team leaders do differently

  • Discover the one ritual that all great team leaders have in common.
  • Learn the single concept that the best team leaders apply with their teams.
  • Identify your particular strengths as a team leader.

    What sets great companies apart? Survey data gathered over decades’ worth of interviews with thousands of team leaders and workers around the world reveals one simple truth: there are no great companies. When you look at performance in any organization, what you nd is range. And the team leader is what makes the difference. Marcus will discuss what differentiates the great team leaders and how they turn talent into performance.

    Perfect for Team Leaders

  • How to build a culture of performance

  • Learn the one thing that sets great leaders apart.
  • Explore the 4 levers that leaders use to create a high-performing culture.
  • Get clear about your organization’s core strengths.

    Perfect for Executive Leaders

  • How to drive personal performance

  • Discover the approach that characterizes the most successful people in the world.
  • Pinpoint your competitive advantage.
  • Learn how to apply your competitive advantage at work.

    Perfect for High Performers

  • How to future-proof your organization

    • Learn the 3 trends that will redefine the new world of work.
    • Examine why all HR talent data is bad data — and learn the secret to producing good data instead.
    • Discover the tools you need to build an agile, dynamic workplace that appeals to modern workforce.Perfect for HR/Senior Executives



    “Marcus was truly fantastic. He really worked to understand our reality and worked in a few of our key concepts. I can’t think of anything he could have done differently. I would highly recommend Marcus as a speaker. He’s very engaging and his message is great.”

    — AstraZeneca Canada, Inc.

    “Marcus Buckingham spoke two weeks ago and there’s still so much positive buzz around the office about his presentation. He takes complex things and breaks them down. People said, ‘How can I take this and make it happen for me?’ People left wanting to do something, wanting to take action.”

    — Coca-Cola North America

    “Arguably the business world’s most in-demand management guru.”

    — Business Week
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