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Savvy Brand Strategist for Small Biz & Entrepreneurs, Marketing Maven, Author and Inspirational Survivor.

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Maria Ross Brand Strategist, Author, Speaker
Maria Ross- Business Speaker

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Work smarter, not harder. Discover the secrets of effective branding and how following some simple rules will ensure that all of your marketing and sales efforts are more targeted and effective than your competition. Brand is more than just a pretty logo and actually impacts your bottom line. It is your core promise, personality and value you deliver to customers. Branding effectively and connecting with customers isn’t about how much money you spend, but about how clearly and consistently you communicate the right message through everything you do. You’ll learn how to build a brand to inspire loyalty, increase sales, outrun your competition and make smarter marketing investments.

Forgive us: We know not what we do. Effective branding is within everyone’s grasp – from the largest companies to solopreneurs. But we make so many mistakes when we build a company because we are fighting short-term fires and not thinking about the proper targeted strategy that will reap exponential rewards in the long run. Learn how to avoid the Seven Deadly Branding Sins that most organizations commit so you can engage, inform, and delight your customers – and keep them coming back for more.

“Personal branding” seems to be the new buzzword but it’s really all about a concept that’s been around for generations: Reputation. Learn the ins and outs of what it takes to build a strong personal brand platform and how it is very much like crafting a company brand – with “you” as the product. In this session, you’ll learn what personal branding really means and how to build an authentic reputation that can grow and evolve over time. Discover intentional actions you can take to communicate effectively, amplify your strengths and increase your loyal tribe of devoted fans and champions.

Shortly after moving to a new city and starting her own business, Maria Ross was struck down with a brain aneurysm and hemorrhage at the age of 35. About 40% of people who havea ruptured aneurysm die as a result and 4 out of 7 will suffer disabilities. But Maria bounced back better and braver than ever. Doctors dubbed her recovery “miraculous” and after several healing months, she re-booted her brain and reframed her life – in many ways for the better. Since her injury, she’s written two books and gotten back to a thriving business again, but not without some powerful lessons learned along the way.

Before patients end up in a bed in the hospital, they are active members of the community, out there living their lives. Maria Ross should know: she was struck down by a brain aneurysm at the age of 35 and her life screeched to a halt. Her recovery was amazing and she owes much of it to the Patient and Family Centered Care philosophy practiced at UW Medicine, which cared for her. In this talk, Maria reveals good – and not so good – examples of PFCC in action and how it contributed to her healing and health. She gives tips for medical providers and staff on how their actions, big and small, can affect patient outcomes and experience. You’ll learn powerful lessons from the patient point of view in a way you may never have expected that will change the way you interact, treat and care for patients.


Maria Ross was not only a true professional both on stage and leading up to the event, but a very down to earth person who makes you feel like you’ve known her forever- even when you’ve just met. You can’t beat it when someone is easy to work with and also gets rave reviews when up on stage!”

— Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce

“Maria is always a wonderful guest speaker. No matter the situation, whether presenting, speaking or providing support materials and resources, she’s always highly professional and informative. She’s become my go-to expert on the topic of branding, because I know she’ll deliver engaging and helpful content for my audience each and every time.”

— Rock Your Genius and Upstart Smart 

“Maria was our keynote speaker at a recent Wedding Network USA monthly meeting. She was able to inform our membership and guests on ways to work on our brand strategy through a series of questions to ask ourselves and to do it without spending a lot of money. Many of our members thought it was one of the best presentations they heard on the topic. If you have the chance, have Maria speak to your group, you will not be disappointed.”

— Wedding Network USA

“Maria Ross provided a patient testimonial in front of 500 UW Medicine leaders at a recent Leadership Institute training. Ms Ross was poised, articulate, and highly effective with her presentation. She made her experience come to life in a most impressive way. The segment received rave reviews and was considered the corner stone of this important 2-day session.”

— University of Washington Medical Center

“Maria was one of the Puget Sound Business Journal’s speakers in our BizDev series. Maria puts on a lively and informative workshop that leaves the attendees with more than just tips but action items that can be implemented immediately. She was a joy to work with and I recommend her highly.” Puget Sound Business Journal “I had the pleasure of working with Maria Ross, who was our guest speaker at Words @TheWoodmark. She is a true professional in every way and has a talent for demystifying branding to an audience.”

— GreenRubino

“Maria is a favorite speaker at Ladies Who Launch events and always delights, educates and sends us home with practical actions to implement. Her most recent presentation, “Who’s your Audience?” skillfully engaged the entire audience in a participatory exercise that was illuminating and helped us focus our conversations with customers.”

— Ladies Who Launch

“Maria was a panelist at our Branding Inside Out event. Her content was relevant and impactful to the small business audience and she is an engaging speaker and presenter. The workshop was well received and evaluated ‘excellent’ by the audience. We enjoyed having Maria as our guest and look forward to opportunities to collaborate in future.”

— Savor the Success

“To be an effective speaker, you must first be an exceptional listener. Prior to leading two sessions during our conference, Maria Ross did her homework to understand our industry. She heard my concerns, respected my requests, then successfully delivered a customized, relevant presentation to a very discerning audience. She was the highlight of our meeting. If content is King, Maria is Queen of presenting fresh information in a style that’s immediately engaging.“

— Tina Ruggiero, Chief Creative Alchemist
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