Mark Jeffries

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Communications Consultant & Presentation Coach

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Mark Jeffries Host & Moderator Reel
Mark Jeffries – Secrets of the Pitch
Mark Jeffries – The Art of Business Influence

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Keynote Speaking:

Communication techniques to build trust, success & connections

Communication expert, Mark Jeffries’ message is a simple, yet vital one – communication excellence leads to increased connections, trust & success.

The best news of all – we don’t have to do much to tilt the scales of perception in our favor – we just need to know how!

Mark presents a ‘toolbox’ packed with instantly useable techniques, ideas and methods designed to give you a smart, proven, communication-based approach to the challenges and opportunities you face every day.

His real-world, entertaining and common sense delivery – balanced with ready-to-apply ideas, memorable methods and valuable takeaways has impressed audiences around the world. Mark has now spoken in front of more than 100,000 people from a broad array of industries including IT, Aerospace, Marketing, Restaurants & Entertainment, Professional and Consulting Services, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Investment and Banking.

From networking to negotiation, from the power of words to the behaviors of the ‘trusted advisor’, from reading signals to delivering positivity and from Secrets of the politicians to the psychology of becoming a problem solver, you will hear innovative thinking including:

-Optimize your message with The 3 Cs of Communication
-Networking 2.0
-The common-sense ‘keys’ to Influence
-Leveraging the practical world of Social Media
-Transforming your ideas and concepts into ‘sticky and relevant messages’
-The Square of Influence – The L-WAR – Listen, Watch, Anticipate, React
-How to plant the seed of an idea
-Language – the power of words
-How to alter the way others perceive you
-The secret messages you really convey

Being launched now is the perfect follow-up or, indeed, lead-in to Mark’s compelling keynote – his all new e-learning course.

Instantly accessible online, Mark’s key influence and communication messages, form part of a highly innovative piece of cloud-based training. From 1 – 10,000 of your people can now benefit from dozens of clips of Mark’s speech, animated videos, smart ideas, practical motivation, tests and quizzes and it can all be tracked, measured and monitored by you on a user by user basis.

This presentation is truly universal and has already proven a big hit with Senior Executives, New York and Tokyo lawyers, accountants, marketing and sales teams, Audit consultants, Managers, Advertising executives, IT users, IT Developers, pharmaceutical sales teams and politicians.

As Mark will create an independent and unique presentation from his core keynote for every different client, you can guarantee a session that will feel absolutely dedicated to your people, targets and objectives.


“I would like to congratulate you on an outstanding result! Your speaker score is a perfect (and very rare) 5.00, which makes you the highest scoring speaker at the MDM Summit, including all Gartner and Guest Speakers. You can be very proud of this result! This ranks up there with the handful of our very best analyst speakers globally! Fantastic! Well done! THANK YOU”

— Gartner

“A thoroughly entertaining and hugely practical presentation. Mark’s impressive ability to take a group of financiers through his range of communication and soft skills thinking in such a professional, captivating and relevant style exceeded all of our expectations. We will find it hard to beat the impact and value of this session at next year’s event.”

— Bunzl

“Mark’s ability to understand our business and incorporate that into his keynote made for an excellent session. All of our people were talking about it afterwards and the time with Mark has truly helped to focus our people on the importance of Image, presentation and soft skills and using those skills to grow our business and client relationships.”

— TMW Ad agency
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