3 Steps to Maximize Productivity Without Exhausting Employees

Posted by Alexis Washington

This article is part of our “Workout Wednesday series” geared towards business professionals. It will help increase work stamina in the office, and top experts will help guide you towards maximizing productivity without exhausting employees.


To maximize on productivity without exhausting employees our Life Balance Speakers shed some light on how to make work environments enjoyable and efficient.

1) Lighten Up! As the co-author of The Levity Effect: Why it Pays to Lighten Up, Scott Christopher explains why incorporating humor in the workplace actually adds rather than detracts from productivity. Through extensive case studies of companies such as Bowing, Nike, and Enterprise, Christopher helps prove that “A sense of humor is linked to higher pay and a faster climb up the corporate ladder.” He explains that many times leaders are afraid that if they show humor they will lose respect; however, statistics prove that a reasonably easy-going and humorous boss attracts more respect and higher performance results from his or her employees. Scott also explains that individuals in the workplace don’t necessarily need to be funny to have a sense of humor.

2) Balance is Key. Established author and business motivator, Bill Butterworth explains that in order to have a productive and enjoyable work environment, leaders must promote a balance between attention and connection factors in the workplace. According to Bill, every business has its share of attention oriented individuals (who work independently according to a strict schedule) and connection individuals (who prefer to work in groups to achieve productivity). An effective workplace should encourage personable connections as much as it encourages attention to details and the tasks at hand. This balance will prevent employees from feeling like they are trapped on an assembly line and allow them to enjoy their work.

3) Take Time for Others. In a competitive business setting, often times finding the opportunity to make human connections in the workplace is difficult. However, to ensure that the workplace is more than an assembly line, business leaders need to make employee interaction and understanding a top priority. Management coach, Leigh Branham explains that the main reason individuals quit their job results from a miscommunication or lack of communication between the employer and the employee. The top three reasons for quitting a job, according to Leigh, are misunderstood expectations, lack of interest in the profession, and limited feedback or coaching from supervisors. With simple communication and employee/supervisor interaction in the workplace, employers can better assess and help meet their workers expectations.

In the business world, the human brain is a diverse tool that needs to be constantly stimulated to achieve production. By incorporating humor, balance, and interaction into office life, business leaders can ensure the satisfaction of their employees and business expectations.


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Posted by Alexis Washington
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