Merrick Rosenberg

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Author of Taking Flight & CEO of Take Flight Learning

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Merrick Rosenberg – Disruption
Merrick Rosenberg – Taking Flight with DISC

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In this engaging talk, Merrick Rosenberg will guide the audience through the most interesting topic of all…themselves! Using the simplicity of the DISC model, Merrick will illustrate a simple but profound behavioral shift that has the power to transform individual and team performance: People get better results by treating others how they like to be treated.

This is done through the brain-friendly method of linking the styles to the birds, which makes the styles relatable and memorable. This event will create lasting improvements in relationships and performance.

Merrick Rosenberg will share entertaining stories, tips, and strategies he has gained from his experience in working with people at all levels for the past twenty years. This session is highly engaging for both large and small audiences. Attendees will either discover the DISC behavioral model for the first time, or appreciate the styles in a whole new light as a tool for driving success.

  • Discover the four styles that change the way people interact
  • Gain the ability to quickly and accurately read people’s styles in any setting
  • Discover how the Golden Rule can sometimes do more harm than good
  • Gain four powerful ways to influence anyone by using the behavioral styles
  • Understand how overusing strengths creates weakness
  • Learn how to intuit the intent behind people’s behavior
  • Participants will be able to apply DISC skills immediately in any professional or social setting they encounter, accelerating their effectiveness in communication and bringing out their highest potential. Imagine the transformative effects this knowledge can unleash in people’s lives.
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