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Author of Taking Flight & CEO of Take Flight Learning

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Merrick Rosenberg – Disruption
Merrick Rosenberg – Taking Flight with DISC

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Merrick Rosenberg guides audience members to discover the most interesting topic of all – themselves! Using his reimagined version of how people learn about personality, Merrick teaches people how to tap into the power of their personality to build stronger relationships and get results. In Merrick’s relatable way of linking who we are to Eagles, Parrots, Doves, and Owls, you will see yourself in his stories. This often humorous and always insightful talk will teach you how to instantly read and connect with others. Instead of reflexively imposing your personality on the people in your life, you will gain the skills to anticipate what people needs and adapt with chameleon-like flexibility. From the insights gained in this talk, you will become a stronger communicator, a more impactful team member, and a better leader.

Key takeaways:

  • Discover why we click with some and clank with others
  • Learn how to communicate with and influence anyone in any situation
  • Reveal the key ingredients to creating an engaging, innovative and productive work environment
  • Gain the emotional intelligence to tap into your core strengths rather than overuse them and turn them into weaknesses
  • Learn how to harness the power of diverse styles to build a strong and connected team

Your personality either drives your effectiveness or steers you off-track. If you’re like most people, it’s a little of both. You’ll explore whether you create an environment in which only someone with your personality thrives or one in which each of your team members feels valued, respected, and engaged. Do you communicate in your style, or do you meet the needs of your people? Do you give feedback in the way you’d like to hear it, or do you deliver it in the way your team members need to hear it?

You will develop chameleon-like flexibility to motivate your people by unleashing each team member’s natural gifts. You will learn how to adapt to your people instead of making them flex to you. This session will help you become a leader that people will follow anywhere.

  • Reimagine leadership as an adaptive process that engages every team member
  • Create an enduring culture that grows committed and effective teams
  • Advance core leadership skills, such as communication, vision, delegating work, and providing feedback
  • Improve results by tapping into the power of your innate personality
  • Create a career trajectory based not only on what you do, but also who you are

Organizations spend time, money, and energy on an array of behavioral assessments and training. But does it make a difference? Discover why these sessions get rave reviews, yet overwhelmingly fail to create a lasting impact. You will learn how to infuse personality into your culture and transform the way people work together and lead others.

From meaningless alphabet soup to the training methodology itself, we will deconstruct today’s current model and reinvent a new one for the future. Instead of styles and types that reside in short-term memory and create only momentary ahas!, this session reveals a brain-friendly approach to rewire your employees so the styles trigger at the exact moment they are needed. Reimagine how you can drive engagement with personality.

  • Bridge the gap between personality assessment and culture change
  • Turn self-awareness into long-term application, not short-term fascination
  • Utilize the personality styles as a catalyst for cultural revolution
  • Unleash a new way to create an attractive culture that inspires commitment and inclusiveness
  • Heighten organizational emotional intelligence

Sales are won and lost for a variety of reasons, but few sales professionals are self-aware enough to realize that their own personality is impacting their effectiveness. Most salespeople sell how they like to buy. If you need details to make a buying decision, you probably provide a lot of details to your prospects. If you like a salesperson who cuts through the clutter and advances quickly to the bottom line, you likely do the same. But what if your prospects aren’t anything like you? Rather than imposing your selling style on others, discover how to infuse personality into everything you do. From building rapport to closing the deal and beyond, adaptability can be the greatest weapon in your sales arsenal. Develop chameleon-like flexibility and transform your sales in a way you never dreamed possible!

  • Reimagine each phase of the sales process to instantly connect to any prospect
  • Uncover how your selling style is working against you in unimagined ways
  • More deeply resonate with your customers to engender loyalty and increase sales
  • Creatively unleash the power of your personality into many aspects of the selling process, such as team selling, pitching to a diverse group of styles, and flexing to a company’s culture
  • Rejuvenate your approach with prospects you find difficult to close


“Merrick was the main speaker for our Young Professionals Summit. He and his team were very easy to work with from planning the event to the keynote address. Reviews from the event cited Merrick’s “fabulous,” “fantastic” and “phenomenal” presentation.”

— Senior Manager of Marketing & Events, Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce

“In the past 13 years that I’ve been selecting speakers for this conference, Merrick was the best! He connected with the members in a way no other speaker has been able to do.”

— Executive Director, PAMCA

“Merrick did an incredible job capturing our audience and truly engaging them in a meaningful discussion around communication and style. He has spoken at several DESHRM events and always deliver a thought-provoking presenting that wows!”

— Chair, Delaware SHRM State Conference

“Merrick is one of the best speakers I have had the pleasure to work with. Merrick’s presentation had impact. Major impact.  It is very telling when a group of CEOs continues to rave about a speaker weeks after an event.”

— Master Chair, Vistage International

“Merrick was a smash hit! A smash! An NJEDA box office phenomenon! The feedback from employees has been incredible. It was great to hear them say that they learned something about themselves and others and had a fun time in the process. You even won over our contingent of naysayers, which is a monumental achievement!”

— VP of HR, New Jersey Economic Development Authority

“Cannot thank Merrick Rosenberg enough for speaking at the NBCUniversal GolfNow Annual Sales Meeting last week.  He made an invaluable presentation to the sales team that resonated with every one of us. If you want to make your sales team more aware of both themselves and their clients, look no further!”

— Vice President of Sales, NBCUniversal GolfNow & Golf Advisor

“People RAVED about Merrick! We’re already talking about having him at our next National Commercial Conference. He made that meeting great!”

— Director of Corporate Excellence, Batory Foods

“We loved the energy that Merrick brought to the event and the feedback has been amazing!”

— Sr. Program Manager, Best & Brightest Awards Conference
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