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Igniting Performance in the Tornado of Business

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Michael Hoffman
Michael Hoffman

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ABOUT: There are no great organizations. There are only organizations with great people.
DESCRIPTION: Every human interaction provides a tremendous opportunity to impact, influence – even ignite – a relationship. That’s because every time we interact with others, we walk away with either positive emotions or negative ones. For an organization, how customers perceive your brand is directly related to how they feel about their interactions with your team. Emotions are at the very core of the customer experience, and it’s the things your people say and do during every interaction that will determine your organization’s ability to build loyalty and a customer experience culture. This makes it critical for everyone in your organization to OWN the interactions they have with your customers.

Keynote speaker and customer experience expert, Michael Hoffman, equips people with the tools and skills needed to transform every interaction into an experience that will make your customers want to tell all their friends – live, and on social media, “I love those guys!”

ABOUT: Creating, igniting and equipping a culture of people who own their customer interactions.
DESCRIPTION: Creating, igniting and equipping a culture of people who own their customer interactions is a complex process. Leaders must first expose their people to the ideas and skills of true ownership, then help them apply these skills in their daily interactions. That’s where managers and leaders must OWN their influence. Leaders who say and do the right things are best able to build loyalty and ownership in their people. Every conversation is an opportunity to uncover the best in your employees, and Michael teaches leaders how to lead those conversations in order to get the most from your team.

Leading a culture of OWNership is not a character trait. They’ll never find “coach” or “influencer” on your DNA! But in his dynamic presentation and interactive workshops, customer-experience expert Michael Hoffman helps leaders implement the strategy and language of OWNership. Michael teaches the skill sets critical for leaders in creating strong teams and employees that OWN their positions and customer interactions.

ABOUT: Creating, igniting and equipping a culture of people who own their customer interactions.
DESCRIPTION: Very few sales careers are made by a sales person’s pheromones! They are made by what the salesperson says and does to build value. OWN IT – Sales is a program that ignites and equips sales people for owning the number one value building activity; the customer experience.

What is said and done while interacting with potential customers can make or break a career. Customer experience expert Michael Hoffman, through humor, tactical interactions and practical skills ignites and equips salespeople to OWN those experiences more effectively and be people of real influence and value.

Turn your sales team into a customer-experience machine of sales and loyalty.


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“Michael Hoffman is a rarity in the world of public speaking. This year we hired Michael to present during our PrideStaff Annual Conference (PAC). What Michael delivered, we could have been more impressed with. Michael has deep knowledge, natural humor and a charismatic personality and teaching style that our crowd at PrideStaff can attest to. Rather than simply relaying the information, Michael’s magnetic, high-energy personality piqued interest and cultivated curiosity. Michael spent time with several of our offices prior to speaking at PAC to gain a better understand of our organization, who we are and what we do. He is extremely invested and passionate about igniting the performance in others and his strategies have proven instrumental in training our team to “master any hurricane”. I recommend Michael Hoffman to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, entertaining, not to mention, hilarious presenter.”

— PrideStaff

“Michael Hoffman is incredible! I enjoyed his energy, excitement, and love of the process. Very inspirational –THE BEST!”

— –-Knight Ridder

“Exactly what we had hoped for – high energy, interactive and most of all, informative! Kudos are still pouring in from the attendees. Your commitment to learn about our industry, customers, and objectives had a huge impact on the success of the event.”


“Presenters like you, with real world experience and enthusiasm, add a level of credibility which our employees truly appreciate. We are experiencing – first hand – positive exchange of ideas on how to leverage customer satisfaction amongst our 500+ people.”

— –-IBM Dallas Customer Service Center

“Michael does a fantastic job of listening to the organization and tailoring his message to the audience. He brings energy to the room while still talking to the nuts and bolts about the overall objective of the meeting. Everyone enjoyed listening to him speak and was energized after the meeting. Nothing but positive feedback from the group.”

— Comcast

“Michael Hoffman did an amazing job presenting to our credit union. He showed great professionalism in not only his presentation and interaction with our employees but in preparing himself his scope of knowledge on our company and culture.”

— Travis Credit Union

“He was dynamic and entertaining and nailed our content request. He listened to what we were trying to accomplish and integrated this into his presentations. We received very positive feedback from our customers and staff on his performance.”

— Samsung

“Michael was great, his show was exactly what was needed for our, or any group. Especially in these times, it was so refreshing to hear and see such an uplifting person simplify the roadmap to communicating in a positive manner. That was on and off stage, truly a genuine performance. I would highly recommend him.”

— GMMI, Inc.
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