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Humor at Work

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Michael Kerr – Motivational Speaker

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Why choose between content and fun when you can have both? Putting Humour to Work presentations offer practical, relevant ideas delivered in a fun, energetic and memorable style. Michael’s goal is to make audiences think as hard as they laugh, which is why his clients rave about his content motivational talks that go beyond fee-good platitudes and present relevant, provocative ideas that can transform your workplace.

Discover what more and more inspiring leaders are realizing: that your sense of humour truly is one of the most under-valued and under-appreciated resources you have at your disposal to help you motivate and inspire your employees, lead with a more authentic style, connect with employees and foster a more innovative and healthy workplace.

Why choose between content and fun when you can have both? Inspiring Workplaces offer practical, relevant ideas on how to create healthier, more engaging and more productive workplace environments, delivered in a humorous and memorable style.

These workshops offer practical tips designed to help any level of speaker improve both their confidence and their speaking skills. This engaging workshop is interactive, informative, and fun. Michael practices what he preaches, so not only do you hear the information, you see it in practice, which is why many of Michael’s clients have described this workshop as “the best workshop they have ever attended on any topic.”

Do you want to get more ideas from your employees? And better ideas? Do you want to eliminate “but-headed thinking” (but, we can’t do that!)? Putting Creativity to Work offers simple, practical ideas on how to foster a more creative workplace, delivered in a fun, memorable style.


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